Abed Becomes RoboCop Of Roasting | Community

10 mar 2021
21 407 visningar

The women take advantage of Abed's talent for roasting people.
#RoboCop #Roast #Community
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  • Abed's Robovision has a memo section on the bottom right that says "Record Cougar Town. Troy's birthday in 14 days"

    Albert DeSantisAlbert DeSantisMånad sedan
  • Rowboat cop was a good movie

    Rickys philosofyRickys philosofyMånad sedan
  • This is my second favorite episode it's amazing. I've just watched community twice in a row and it's getting me into another acting phase where I wanna become an actress. It's not the first time lol I would do anything to create something as amazing as this show!

    Valerie LefebvreValerie LefebvreMånad sedan
  • Britta: "Exactly like Rowboat cop" "Kickmuncher "Exactly like Britney Spears - hit me with your genie bottle"

    Brijan BBrijan BMånad sedan
  • En sevdiğim dizi🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    Furkan Can YılmazFurkan Can YılmazMånad sedan
  • i miss this show.... "you just rewatched the entire season yesterday" Yeaaah.....i miss it .-.

    Felicia ErisFelicia ErisMånad sedan
  • And if we can program all other sociopaths to be like Abed I think the world will be a nicer place

    Mascãdá Del PántiònMascãdá Del PántiònMånad sedan
  • “I like your shirt, It would look better on a girl”

    Isaiah MarquezIsaiah MarquezMånad sedan
  • "What's it called when your back hair grows into your neck hair grows into your regular hair? Look it up because you have it."

    Chris BrownChris BrownMånad sedan
  • Am i this pathetic.. i felt i lose all my friends since the shows ended and i do miss them

    hai manhai manMånad sedan
  • a bad row boat

    Joe05Joe05Månad sedan
  • It's rowboat cop. This channel is streets behind

    Joe VictorJoe VictorMånad sedan
  • The other part of this episode is the trampoline story. One of the best episodes ever.

    Z RZ RMånad sedan

    Mahky VMahky VMånad sedan
  • Happy birthday Danny Pudi!! 🎉🎉🎊✨

    Ana G.S.Ana G.S.Månad sedan
  • Simpppp

    mokhtar samehmokhtar samehMånad sedan
  • the better remake, in my opinion

    HexCodeFFHexCodeFFMånad sedan
  • I just realised britta said ‘rowboat cop.’ I love her.

    Georgia IrvingGeorgia IrvingMånad sedan
  • Day 18 of asking for a community movie

    Equilibrium GamingEquilibrium GamingMånad sedan
    • Keep going!

      Arun VArun VMånad sedan
  • Funny thing is all he said was "you look like a dude in those jeans... Bad... Bad!"

    Ryan LongRyan LongMånad sedan
    • He says something before that

      Bob BobsenBob BobsenMånad sedan
  • Bad Rowboat must be JJ Awbraams production company

    Gamer Going GreyGamer Going GreyMånad sedan

    Faruk Buğra SevinçFaruk Buğra SevinçMånad sedan
  • Anyone know what he said?

    You-chun HuangYou-chun HuangMånad sedan
  • I love the detail they put in Abed's interface, including a call forward to the pen episode.

    kalcheuskalcheusMånad sedan
    • Also the pillow fort for 2x09

      Stacker Phoenix19Stacker Phoenix19Månad sedan
    • "Confirm mom for christmas" Oof

      27th Colossus27th ColossusMånad sedan
    • Fucking hell, this show man

      Santiago BauzáSantiago BauzáMånad sedan
    • Also Abed doesn't know what the rest of the group is doing, so it says “learn a lesson about either basketball or remote toys” cause that's what they were doing last time he saw them

      Ana G.S.Ana G.S.Månad sedan
    • And the synopsis of the episode until that point, without spoilers

      Santiago BauzáSantiago BauzáMånad sedan
  • I hope we get season 2 advanced D&D clips

    Stacker Phoenix19Stacker Phoenix19Månad sedan
  • Abed is good at roasting people

    Kervin MassicottKervin MassicottMånad sedan
  • Cruel, cru-cru-cruel

    Paulo CAPaulo CAMånad sedan
  • Dead or alive, you're coming with me

    Wulf104Wulf104Månad sedan
    • “I know you, WE KILLED YOU. WE KILLED YOU”

      Stacker Phoenix19Stacker Phoenix19Månad sedan
  • From the thumbnail it looks like I instantly made four new friends.... and/or I'm about to insulted to tears by Abed.

    Rahl MacLarenRahl MacLarenMånad sedan
  • Rowboat cop.

    Aaron Burr Atwood.Aaron Burr Atwood.Månad sedan
  • He has a bitch rating

    Dkn8Dkn8Månad sedan
  • "Exactly like rowboat cop! She's a bad rowboat - sink her!" ugh, Britta.

    Patrick LickmanPatrick LickmanMånad sedan
    • First time I watched this years ago I thought Britta just had a really weird way of saying robot.

      Anal CommandoAnal CommandoMånad sedan
    • Lol I don’t even recognize those type of lines, I’m probably dumber than britta

      I Am an idiot butI Am an idiot butMånad sedan
    • I didn't get that, thank you

      KerradKerradMånad sedan
    • Thank you from us hard of hearing

      Darren Gordon-HillDarren Gordon-HillMånad sedan
    • Shit, I had no idea why she said 'sink her' then I read your comment. She Britta'd Robocop because of course she did.

      Ahmet KurumAhmet KurumMånad sedan
  • Meanwhile, Troy and Jeff are having the best time jumping on a trampoline #sixseasonsandamovie

    Indiana JonesIndiana JonesMånad sedan
    • @עידן לוינהוף _it’s going to be a maze_ 😂

      Stacker Phoenix19Stacker Phoenix19Månad sedan
    • @Stacker Phoenix19 and the ginger guy is a nazi lol

      עידן לוינהוףעידן לוינהוףMånad sedan
    • Until Pierce came along

      Stacker Phoenix19Stacker Phoenix19Månad sedan
  • Exactly like Robot-Cop!

    Ali GÜNEŞAli GÜNEŞMånad sedan
    • She actually said Rowboat cop. She Britta'd even that 😂

      Chaitanya BhatChaitanya BhatMånad sedan
  • This was a really good episode 😁

    Ethereal KidEthereal KidMånad sedan
    • @Turg I kinda like some of them but I have to skip the last episode

      film guyz45film guyz45Månad sedan
    • @MaryEllen Brown they’re not “that” bad. I still enjoy watching them. Just not as much as the other episodes

      TurgTurgMånad sedan
    • @Turg *season 4*

      MaryEllen BrownMaryEllen BrownMånad sedan
    • I can’t think of an episode that wasn’t really good

      TurgTurgMånad sedan
  • "Bad isn't that bad when you're doing it to bad girls"

    martin crowmartin crowMånad sedan
    • shirley's just being true to herself. that's basically the concept of the hell she believes in.

      Barok EspinozaBarok EspinozaMånad sedan
  • Abed looks so happy lol

    Sean CornellSean CornellMånad sedan
  • This episode is streets ahead

    Roman 76Roman 76Månad sedan
    • This show is the last era of tv before streaming became mainstream. U have to wait when it's air in tv and since NBC didn't do justice of it primetime, people start lose interest and now this show is popular again thanks to Netflix. Imagine that this show first season is 2016 in Netflix or Prime Video, i could see the show turnout like Rick & Morty popularity.

      Shahreen EffendyShahreen EffendyMånad sedan
    • @Stacker Phoenix19 I will have you know I am completely sane

      hearn lhearn lMånad sedan
    • @hearn l man, you the opposite of Batman

      Stacker Phoenix19Stacker Phoenix19Månad sedan
    • @hearn l would you even go as far to say he's....streets behind?

      27th Colossus27th ColossusMånad sedan
    • I am sorry what did I do

      film guyz45film guyz45Månad sedan
  • Don't you mean: RobotCop?

    Mathias WalkerMathias WalkerMånad sedan
    • Next you're gonna tell us that X-Man isn't a superhero

      Arun VArun VMånad sedan
  • Pause at 0:34 to see the RoboCop analysis stuff

    gxdxrgxdxrMånad sedan
    • Little tidbit to when the girls find out he's been charting them lmaoo

      Sawyer KSawyer KMånad sedan
    • wait is he tracking Annie's menstrual cycle also in this episode hahahaha

      WiggedRopeWiggedRopeMånad sedan
  • RoboCop: Redux

    Asuka UltrahdAsuka UltrahdMånad sedan
  • I love community

    TonyTonyMånad sedan