Locked In With Zombies | Community

8 mar 2021
20 046 visningar

Some survivors attempt to escape a zombie infected party when Dean Pelton locks them in.
#Community #Zombies #DidYouGetBit
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Community is an American comedy television series created by Dan Harmon that aired on NBC and Yahoo! Screen from September 17, 2009, to June 2, 2015. The series follows an ensemble cast of characters played by Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Ken Jeong, Chevy Chase, and Jim Rash at a community college in the fictional town of Greendale, Colorado.
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  • I honestly thought Shirley was Princess Peach.

    Adam ShermanAdam Sherman18 dagar sedan
  • 1:13 Green Goblin scream from Spider-Man (2002)?

    TeamSqueezyTeamSqueezy23 dagar sedan
  • 0:26 did the person speaking to the dean got killed by the army?

    Jackson LiuJackson LiuMånad sedan
  • "Hey Rich, just so you know, I hate you less now. That's how much I hate your normal self." and "Hey! That's my jacket! My jacket! You're stretching it! YOURE STRETCHING IIIT!"

    Chris BrownChris BrownMånad sedan
  • Whole Milk (not for drinking) ????

    Lol noLol noMånad sedan

    Fernando FariasFernando FariasMånad sedan
  • Shirley, Zombie Leonard exchange kills me every time... Edit: And in deleted scenes, Dean says Jeff to use Britta as a shield if anyone dont know lol.

    Mustafa Mert YılmazyurtMustafa Mert Yılmazyurt2 månader sedan
  • I just realized the guy on the phone says ma’am not man when he’s talking to the dean. And the dean doesn’t even correct him.

    MaryEllen BrownMaryEllen Brown2 månader sedan

    NighthawkzNighthawkz2 månader sedan
  • Umm..UMMM 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Eric J. MillerEric J. Miller2 månader sedan
  • Zombie attaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

    Marc Vincent KlitgaardMarc Vincent Klitgaard2 månader sedan
  • Who would've guessed ABBA would fit a zombie apocalypse so well. I've even added it to my halloween party playlist because of this show.

    IRONHILLdwarfIRONHILLdwarf2 månader sedan
  • I think I've watched this ep a hundred times and I just noticed that the package had an image of a zombie biting someone on it

    TachiTachi2 månader sedan
  • Best episode

    John Robert EastonJohn Robert Easton2 månader sedan
  • 0:51 Shirley is so underrated

    Juanma MolinaJuanma Molina2 månader sedan
  • ANNIE: Guys, Shirley's costume is once again unwittingly ambiguous. I don't know what she's supposed to be, but she's not Miss Piggy. lmao

    Barok EspinozaBarok Espinoza2 månader sedan
  • Very nice

    DaName DaPlaceDaName DaPlace2 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/aZCozdOrgqNzxmg/video.

    Aman GoyalAman Goyal2 månader sedan
    • My 1 minute short film ..

      Aman GoyalAman Goyal2 månader sedan
  • that thumbnail looks pretty spicy

    DustinDustin2 månader sedan
  • I have a theory that Greendale is actually a military testing or dumping site of experimental military weapons or research. In one episode, Dean discovered that Greendale students are part of the army reserves. In season 3, Troy said the Dean bought again the same taco meat.

    oppa gangnamoppa gangnam2 månader sedan
    • @Jackson Liu actually the dean threw another Halloween party with the same taco meat but they didn't know it was the zombie meat

      oppa gangnamoppa gangnamMånad sedan
    • @oppa gangnam how did he remember that night when everyone got their memory wiped?

      Jackson LiuJackson LiuMånad sedan
    • @Jackson Liu Season 3 episode 5

      oppa gangnamoppa gangnamMånad sedan
    • Which episode was it when Troy said the dean bought the same taco meat?

      Jackson LiuJackson LiuMånad sedan
  • This is my favorite episode and this scene alone cemented this

    929shooter929shooter2 månader sedan
  • Dean did a great job locking it down in time. Britta and Rich would have infected the world

    1personiam1personiam2 månader sedan
  • So many great lines in this clip.

    tagabundok1tagabundok12 månader sedan
  • Best use of ABBA ever

    Pan DPan D2 månader sedan
  • This is my favourite episode of the entire show. Everything about it is so good.

    Jonsso GamingJonsso Gaming2 månader sedan
  • YoU pUnChEd a LaDy BeE!!!!!!

    Stephen KrstulichStephen Krstulich2 månader sedan
  • One of the best episodes if not the best

    Kael vaswaniKael vaswani2 månader sedan
  • Britta's T Rex costume was inspired by an actual outfit she once wore at a Halloween party as a kid. A fan made 'Britta T Rex stickers' and gave them to Gillian Jacobs and she passed them on to her mom. The fan involvement with Community is pretty cool.

    Hoops FanHoops Fan2 månader sedan
  • Is this the only episode of the series that has an actual supernatural element?

    Michael S. BaramMichael S. Baram2 månader sedan
    • Is military taco meat really supernatural though?

      David JacobsenDavid JacobsenMånad sedan
  • First dislike

    Asuka UltrahdAsuka Ultrahd2 månader sedan
  • Cheese

    Sam PittsSam Pitts2 månader sedan
  • “HOLY CRAP! LEONARD’s A ZOMBIE!” is one of my favourite community quotes

    Cameron VinceCameron Vince2 månader sedan
  • Abba makes everything better

    Magnus NilssonMagnus Nilsson2 månader sedan
  • That ABBA music playing throughout is legit fucking terrifying.

    Tevin LandryTevin Landry2 månader sedan
  • I guess that is bullet proof glas on the doors.

    Tyler DurdenTyler Durden2 månader sedan
  • "special operation officer" turned him on

    sparklingsparkling2 månader sedan
    • Uniforms!

      Arun VArun VMånad sedan
  • The Dean in every episode: "So dumb. You're just a dumb little man who tries to destroy this school every minute"

    onE mEmbEr studioonE mEmbEr studio2 månader sedan
  • "Guess who I am!" "You are the dancing queeeeen!" Gets me everytime

    John Elisha AñoraJohn Elisha Añora2 månader sedan
    • Haha never caught that. Good ear!

      Sawyer KSawyer K2 månader sedan

    Faruk Buğra SevinçFaruk Buğra Sevinç2 månader sedan
  • 2:01. Top Gun or, "Huge-Ego Jeff", costume?

    Bruno PrimasBruno Primas2 månader sedan

    Diego PaulinoDiego Paulino2 månader sedan
  • Chang: “Guess who I am!” Song: “YOU ARE THE DANCING QUEEN!”

    RougarouRougarou2 månader sedan

    Harit SandurHarit Sandur2 månader sedan
  • Why Dean buy a mystery item

    Kervin MassicottKervin Massicott2 månader sedan
  • "Greendale Community College?" "Speaking..."

    Harit SandurHarit Sandur2 månader sedan
  • 1:40 "Uhmm, UHMM" Still gets me every time 😂

    MondeMondéMondeMondé2 månader sedan
  • I can't count the reasons I should stay. One by one they all just zombied away

    That KannadigaThat Kannadiga2 månader sedan
  • One of the best episodes *chef's kiss*

    ValcheckValcheck2 månader sedan
  • Part of the deans shopping list was black light and later it was revealed that greendale was rented off for black light parties.

    Some random Apple pouchSome random Apple pouch2 månader sedan
    • Extremely sus lmao

      ElijahElijah9 timmar sedan
  • Abed: "Guys? Hate to be the We've Got Company Guy but.."

    Jareth The Goblin KingJareth The Goblin King2 månader sedan
  • Then troy starts to sing: all I see is zombies............

    ThatReviewGuyThatReviewGuy2 månader sedan

    GNBE1006GNBE10062 månader sedan
  • When Community came out I hated this show. It was 2012 and I had just lost my job. Everyone was telling me to go to school. It would probably have been a Community College. The thought of going to school AND working my ass off at a part time job was depressing as hell. I just KNEW this show would be dumb as hell. Then I saw a couple of rerun episodes. This one and one of the Blanket Fort episodes. I immediately started watching Community. I didn't even know the characters but the jokes and reference humor had me hooked.

    RUBIZENRUBIZEN2 månader sedan
    • @RUBIZEN Sounds like things worked out, good on you mate.

      Siddharth SinghSiddharth SinghMånad sedan
    • @RUBIZEN dude calm down. I just thought you didn’t realize the show was released in 2009.

      Ben DoverBen DoverMånad sedan
    • @Ben Dover Do you need an explanation? 2008-I lose my $28.31/hr job 2009-NBC releases Community 2012-I'm at my buddies house eating pizza and drinking beer and see an episode about Zombies. It might have been a rerun. From '08 to '12 I worked at the only jobs I could get. Minimum wage and only temporary. Sometimes only 2 days a week. People (family and friends) were telling me to go to school. I had noticed that NBC had a show about Community College. I would have to pay for school and support myself at low earning jobs. Probably long hours and not much sleep. And really, what kind of job can you get with a degree from Community College? So the thought of going to Community College was depressing. Also I considered Chevy Chase kind of a has been. Also NBC had a show called Outsourced (2010). The plot was how a call center was outsourced to India. Probably not a good show to release when a record number of Americans have lost their jobs. I was really down on NBC. It was as if someone thought making light of people losing their jobs and going to school and also jobs being outsourced to India would really "Click" with the American viewer. In 2012 I was at my friends house and he was watching Community. He just fed me pizza (pepperoni) and beer (Budwieser) so I'm not about to lecture him and his wife about how NBC was alienating me. I saw an episode about Zombies. Pretty soon after that I saw an episode about a blanket fort. I'm pretty sure that was at a movie rental place. They had it on the TV up in the corner of the room. So OK, in 2012 I hadn't just lost my job, but the dwindling bank account and bad advice was making Community College look inevitable. Those episodes are PACKED with jokes and subtle references. As pissed as I was at NBC I decided to give this show a try. Also thats when I noticed Annie had really nice breasts. But I still consider Britta the hotter of the two. So Ben, I hope this eases your troubled mind. I would have outlined all of this in the original comment but it is after all just a "You Tube" comment and most people don't have that kind of attention span. PS: I went to truck driving school in late '14. So there is something else that probably doesn't make sense to you. Feel free to complain.

      RUBIZENRUBIZENMånad sedan
    • That doesn’t make sense. By 2012, community’s first two seasons had already aired

      Ben DoverBen DoverMånad sedan
    • @Siddharth Singh No! I went to truck driving school, became a truck driver and....overall I'm pretty happy. No job is perfect but I get to drive and listen to podcasts and my favorite music all day!

      RUBIZENRUBIZEN2 månader sedan
  • My favourite episode

    Martin KantorMartin Kantor2 månader sedan
  • The combination with ABBA is just glorious!

    Jelle HettemaJelle Hettema2 månader sedan
    • The moment that song played was the moment I knew that this is the best show in tv history.

      Mystery personMystery person2 månader sedan
  • Best Zombie Movie ever!

    carlos bajacarlos baja2 månader sedan
  • "I thought that maybe I was special"

    Vette AzulVette Azul2 månader sedan
  • 2:03 I always laugh when hearing the song answer Chang's question.

    m626mm626m2 månader sedan
    • Wow, talk about timing

      Jareth The Goblin KingJareth The Goblin King2 månader sedan
    • AHAHAH I never noticed!! 😂

      melodia2772melodia27722 månader sedan
  • Day 17 of asking for a community movie, I’m going to resort to begging soon.

    Equilibrium GamingEquilibrium Gaming2 månader sedan
    • Please do!!

      mondler&bechloe94mondler&bechloe94Månad sedan
  • A baby is made this night.

    My 3D printed lifeMy 3D printed life2 månader sedan
  • ZOMBIE ATTACK !!!!!!!!!

    LordAzimarLordAzimar2 månader sedan
  • Most important key to survival... Jeff: Did anyone happen to shut off the Dean’s playlist? #sixseasonsandamovie

    Indiana JonesIndiana Jones2 månader sedan
  • #sixseasonsandamovie

    Edgar WalterEdgar Walter2 månader sedan
  • Hey

    DaroumoreDaroumore2 månader sedan
  • Lol

    -Pedro Santilli--Pedro Santilli-2 månader sedan
  • This makes me think that Community is apart of the SCP universe

    GabrielGabriel2 månader sedan
    • @Cougar Kids google the SCP foundation It’s a crowdsourced collection of short stories all based within one universe about a shadow organization containing abnormal things from the public

      GabrielGabriel2 månader sedan
    • SCP?

      Cougar KidsCougar Kids2 månader sedan