Jeff Refuses To Support Changnesia | Community

14 apr 2021
39 244 visningar

Jeff refuses to believe that Changnesia is a real thing.
#Changnesia #Community #SupportTheCause
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Community is an American comedy television series created by Dan Harmon that aired on NBC and Yahoo! Screen from September 17, 2009, to June 2, 2015. The series follows an ensemble cast of characters played by Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Ken Jeong, Chevy Chase, and Jim Rash at a community college in the fictional town of Greendale, Colorado.
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  • Is this the gas leak year

    Boknam9Boknam923 timmar sedan
  • "not only have they drunk the Kevin kool-aid.." 😂😭

    kezia lynnkezia lynn11 dagar sedan
  • “And what are you having?” “None of this.” Lol great line

    Dalton GreelyDalton Greely18 dagar sedan
  • God, even the camera work was way off the mark in this season. It's so hard to watch.

    Let's Play With K-Mac - Podcasts & GamingLet's Play With K-Mac - Podcasts & Gaming20 dagar sedan
  • When a sane human stumbles upon Twitter trying to "protect" a disgusting MAP

    RadioCinemaRadioCinema21 dag sedan
  • Ah Garret. God's Punchline.

    MarorinMarorin21 dag sedan
  • This plot line was so weird. Nobody is this stupid

    Gerstein03Gerstein0321 dag sedan
  • Hello your computer has virus .

    xd comxd com22 dagar sedan
  • this ep isn't even that bad the end ruined it tho

    ethereal saladethereal salad22 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone else notice the welcome Archie banner, if not how

    Ripp HunterRipp Hunter23 dagar sedan
  • Have y'all ever noticed that Annie holds up the Welcome Archie banner in this ep even though the episode with Archie comes after this one? It's always bothered me but not enough to actually find out why.

    S.C. JonesS.C. Jones23 dagar sedan
    • His arrival was probably planned weeks ahead.

      HexCodeFFHexCodeFF22 dagar sedan
  • Best episode of the gas leak year.

    ezequiel ramirezezequiel ramirez23 dagar sedan
  • “I cannot be trusted!!!” -cheng

    ADAMska122 ReviewsADAMska122 Reviews23 dagar sedan
  • Jeff is the viewers and Chang is the "gas leak year"

    James Mathew SantosJames Mathew Santos23 dagar sedan
    • Annie, Britta and Shirley are the people who actually like Season 4

      gay garbagegay garbage23 dagar sedan
    • Spot on

      Dark KnightDark Knight23 dagar sedan
  • Kevin is a CHOICE.

    Nathan FriesenNathan Friesen23 dagar sedan
  • I refuse to support this channel posting videos from the gas leak year | Not Community

    sstteevsstteev23 dagar sedan
  • Why is the outro higher?

    Austin The gamerAustin The gamer23 dagar sedan
  • “Stop Jimming the camera.”

    B. WuB. Wu23 dagar sedan
  • "Welcome to Shirley's Sandwiches, where the food is kevinly!"

    Misha KapadiaMisha Kapadia23 dagar sedan
  • MacGuffin Institute xD

    SilverShionSilverShion23 dagar sedan
  • Season 4 was so bad, people found this funny.

    Puzzled Perspectives PodcastPuzzled Perspectives Podcast23 dagar sedan
  • Jeff: It doesn't matter what you say, I won't Chang my mind

    João ViníciusJoão Vinícius23 dagar sedan

    Faruk Buğra SevinçFaruk Buğra Sevinç23 dagar sedan
  • Annie is too distractingly cute to watch this show sometimes I stg

    John DoeJohn Doe23 dagar sedan
    • Exactly 😂😂

      mondler&bechloe94mondler&bechloe9423 dagar sedan
  • Annie's top is nice and that's all I'm going to say

    Rubeus PotterRubeus Potter23 dagar sedan
    • @thevoxdeus "Annie's luscious fanny" 😂

      mondler&bechloe94mondler&bechloe9423 dagar sedan
    • I'm also a fan of her bottom. Heyooooooo!

      thevoxdeusthevoxdeus23 dagar sedan
  • Day 32 of asking for a community movie!!!

    Equilibrium GamingEquilibrium Gaming23 dagar sedan
  • Remember kids this show´s worst is better than most show´s best. Lets enjoy what we have.

    pliskinn0089pliskinn008923 dagar sedan
    • It's a scary, lonely Chang filled world

      Dork AndersonDork Anderson21 dag sedan
    • Bro. Too true. I randomly stumbled upon this show in Fall of ' was the puppet hot air balloon episode from Season 4. I was intrigued. And started checking to see when epidosdes would air. Imagine my surprise when i found out that was considered the "worst" season. I must have introduced at least 20 people to this show. Those were good times.

      TooSlyTooSly23 dagar sedan
  • Damn it smells like gas

    HolyReviews In a Pete WayHolyReviews In a Pete Way23 dagar sedan
  • Even the way they shot the show in season 4 sucks and the much gas leak trash

    MrDuckSauceMrDuckSauce23 dagar sedan
    • Hey at least we got darkest timeline Annie

      Pan DPan D23 dagar sedan
    • Fair enough but this episode in particular was shot in mockumentary style.

      MY LEGMY LEG23 dagar sedan
  • And that's SAVED Garrett.

    Jason KochJason Koch23 dagar sedan
    • 😂😂😂

      mondler&bechloe94mondler&bechloe9423 dagar sedan
  • #sixseasonsandamovie

    Alex FiliuțăAlex Filiuță23 dagar sedan
  • Ok this episode was funny. Probably Season 4's best

    kasra khatirkasra khatir23 dagar sedan
  • "God make Chang Chang, Kevin is a decision" -Good ol' Shirley

    Mateo VegaMateo Vega23 dagar sedan
    • God made Ben, Chang is a decision

      Jareth The Goblin KingJareth The Goblin King22 dagar sedan
    • *Classic unaccepting Shirley*

      Hi HelloHi Hello23 dagar sedan
  • Thought Dean meant something else when he said wet blanket Winger, gotta get my mind out of the gutter lol

    1personiam1personiam23 dagar sedan
  • Mcguffin institute is such an awesome name, it's like infinite meta humor

    עומרי חסוןעומרי חסון23 dagar sedan
    • @עומרי חסון S3E17. Holt mentions the "M. C. Guffin institute"

      Ian StephensonIan Stephenson20 dagar sedan
    • @Ian Stephenson really when?

      עומרי חסוןעומרי חסון20 dagar sedan
    • B99 used the same joke I know

      Ian StephensonIan Stephenson20 dagar sedan
    • Ok, so I looked it up on Wikipedia and, like, the joke is genius now I get it 😂😂

      Ana G.S.Ana G.S.23 dagar sedan
    • @PanConQueso thank you!

      Ana G.S.Ana G.S.23 dagar sedan
  • "Hi 'not calling you Kevin', what are you having?" "None of this" 😂😂😂

    mondler&bechloe94mondler&bechloe9423 dagar sedan
    • But the food is Kevinly

      Indiana JonesIndiana Jones23 dagar sedan
  • What a coincidence, I share Jeff’s sentiments. Except replace “Changnesia” with “Season 4”

    Zachary S. MarshZachary S. Marsh23 dagar sedan
    • Same season 4 is the worst

      Amayreka 97Amayreka 9723 dagar sedan
  • “The food is kevinly” So great. He just changged his way into being Kevin.

    Aaron Burr Atwood.Aaron Burr Atwood.23 dagar sedan
  • I never noticed all the dalmatian stuff at Dean's office. This better not awake something in me

    Vinicius VzrVinicius Vzr23 dagar sedan
    • Those Dalmatian pillows are pretty creepy

      B. WuB. Wu23 dagar sedan
  • This must’ve been the gas leak year.

    Neel TalatiNeel Talati23 dagar sedan
    • Yeah the britta of the year

      Amayreka 97Amayreka 9723 dagar sedan
  • "This makes things smaaalleeer!! Oh no biiiigeer.. Biiigeer"

    The Most CompleteThe Most Complete23 dagar sedan
  • #sixseasonsandamovie

    Nacho GonzalezNacho Gonzalez23 dagar sedan
  • History of ice cream just had another heart attack, three more and we’re all in! -Jeff Winger #sixseasonsandamovie

    Indiana JonesIndiana Jones23 dagar sedan
  • I’m surprised they acknowledge this season.

    Giordano LucentiGiordano Lucenti23 dagar sedan
    • @Hi Hello I think it's because it had a lot of inconsistencies and felt more like it was trying to be a replica rather than it's own thing. There were good jokes, but sometimes the way the characters acted didn't make sense. One specific example I think of is in season 4's Halloween episode when abed says "I remember when this show was about a community college." This felt so out of place when hearing it, because while abed does compare the actions of the show to common tropes, he never outright breaks the 4th wall like that, it's supposed to be more subtle than that. The loss of Dan Harmon for season 4 severely impacted its overall quality, and while it's not bad television, it's a bad season of community, because the new writers didn't know the characters well enough. The final two seasons do suffer from the loss of cast members, but when I rewatched it I noticed the amount of subtle jokes was on par with the first 3 seasons while season 4 felt more plain.

      SlackowSlackow23 dagar sedan
    • Idk why everyone hates this season. In my opinion 5 and 6 are worse (at least some episodes)

      Hi HelloHi Hello23 dagar sedan
    • @Kyle Williams you know I kinda felt like that on my first watch, but when I rewatched I enjoyed seasons 5 and 6 a lot more than I did before. Probably because I actually anticipated the characters leaving. I feel like the writing is better in those seasons especially after you finish season 4. Season 5 did have a massive tone shift though, because season 4 was very happy, and the finale ended on such a high note, then season 5 almost felt depressing, but other than that I think it's a very strong season.

      SlackowSlackow23 dagar sedan
    • @Slackow I actually think S5 is the worst. Had a great start, but fell apart as soon as Troy left. I don't think they knew how to rebound from his departure yet

      Kyle WilliamsKyle Williams23 dagar sedan
    • @Kyle Williams yeah it's definitely the worst season in the series but it still has memorable moments, they're just few and far between.

      SlackowSlackow23 dagar sedan
  • Extraño esta serie , está recuerdo este capítulo

    Carlos Alberto Delgado AnguianoCarlos Alberto Delgado Anguiano23 dagar sedan
  • Rewatched it yesterday:)

    Luiz BastosLuiz Bastos23 dagar sedan
    • Season 1= amazing 2= perfect. Season 3= very good Season 4= good Season 5 and 6= very good

      Luiz BastosLuiz Bastos23 dagar sedan
  • He was right lol

    -Pedro Santilli--Pedro Santilli-23 dagar sedan