Troy Saves The Party From Zombies | Community

13 mar 2021
53 537 visningar

Troy fights his way through zombies to help save everyone who is infected.
#Community #Zombies #SavingLives
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Community is an American comedy television series created by Dan Harmon that aired on NBC and Yahoo! Screen from September 17, 2009, to June 2, 2015. The series follows an ensemble cast of characters played by Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Ken Jeong, Chevy Chase, and Jim Rash at a community college in the fictional town of Greendale, Colorado.
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  • the heart of a hero

    DankuDanku9 dagar sedan
  • this production of mamma mia is really good

    Louise GaryAVBlLouise GaryAVBl15 dagar sedan
  • "IN YOUR FACE" followed by a butt punch is underrated

    Uzair PUzair P17 dagar sedan
  • "We have something say chain of command" *this is america*

    Harold BrionesHarold Briones19 dagar sedan
  • He, indeed, is the truest repairman.

    Marc Vincent KlitgaardMarc Vincent Klitgaard26 dagar sedan
  • “Well, practice makes perfek.”

    Matt BlackMatt BlackMånad sedan
  • the dean deserved to get punched.

    ferret308ferret308Månad sedan
  • I need a zombie movie staring Donald Glover and I need it now

    Patrick GuinossoPatrick GuinossoMånad sedan
  • What big fist you have, IN YOUR FACE lol

    Roy RRoy RMånad sedan
  • Something tells me Dean Pelton liked being punched.

    yuh yuhyuh yuhMånad sedan
  • I love Troy's casual irritation at being bitten.

    RodanguirusRodanguirusMånad sedan
  • Donald glover was shredded

    ChugNGlugChugNGlugMånad sedan
    • Was looking for this comment lol

      GIUXEPPEGIUXEPPE20 dagar sedan
  • i don't think anyone has mentioned how well "how could i resist ya?" fits when troy is distracted by zombie abed at 1:24

    LLMånad sedan
    • OHHHHH

      Rex Ian PahangRex Ian PahangMånad sedan
    • @battleforthesun it was one of the first things i noticed and i'm surprised no one else mentioned it

      LLMånad sedan
    • RIGHT?? i came to the comments to see if anyone else noticed, like Troy's soft "Abed?" and then the music gets louder and it's this lyric... *chef's kiss* poetic cinema

      battleforthesunbattleforthesunMånad sedan
  • When ABBA starts playing as soon as Troy steps into the library, y'know stuff's bouta get down.

    Julian SenJulian SenMånad sedan
  • My guess is Scenario A was to kill them all... just in case Community was cancelled early into Season 2...

    Sriman GoelSriman GoelMånad sedan
  • How come no one is talking about how ripped Troy is? Damn!

    1Taniel1TanielMånad sedan
  • Oof baboof

    yotamyotamMånad sedan
  • "MAAAAAA" -Jeff

    Harit SandurHarit SandurMånad sedan

    Matt WardMatt WardMånad sedan
  • "Are you crazy? How are gonna survive those zombies?" "Gonna be a nerd." Wiser words haven't been spoken before.

    Daniel Judah CastilloDaniel Judah CastilloMånad sedan
  • Glenn running out of the prison in his riot gear.

    Ben GentleBen GentleMånad sedan
  • I'm gonna tell my kids THIS was the Mamma Mia Movie.

    ReadyProductionsReadyProductionsMånad sedan
    • I mean, Jeff does say MAAAA

      Rex Ian PahangRex Ian PahangMånad sedan
  • "Jeff, still cool as a zombie." This episode was superior.

    Denisse SandovalDenisse SandovalMånad sedan
  • 1:21 has no right to be as sad as it is. My heart stops every fricking time

    RavenclawsCantDrawRavenclawsCantDrawMånad sedan
  • This is straight up the best scene from community

    Mister SoupmanMister SoupmanMånad sedan
  • Is the fact that Troy is the last surviver a reference to night of the living dead?

    fl fgfl fgMånad sedan
  • Community is just too great

    Tyren CraftonTyren CraftonMånad sedan
  • My Zombie Annie, what big hands you have, IN YOUR FACE

    Henry PetersHenry PetersMånad sedan
  • So Dean caused all students getting brain damage because he couldn’t read the fucking *fine print* on the hazard military meat.

    Stacker Phoenix19Stacker Phoenix19Månad sedan
  • Can we talk about how negligent the Dean is? It’s not only in this episode, it is throughout the show. It is one of his many flaws. But yet still he has enough redeeming qualities that we still like him... 🤔 🧐

    CherryCharrisCherryCharrisMånad sedan
    • He's just so sooo stupid Sooo stupid Why is he so stupid? No don't answer that It isn't his fault that he's. just. so. stupid.

      Rex Ian PahangRex Ian PahangMånad sedan
    • He really should have been fired years ago

      Stacker Phoenix19Stacker Phoenix19Månad sedan
    • Yes, and they call him out on it luckily

      The Natrix 101The Natrix 101Månad sedan
  • a zombie virus is an actual real thing in the Community universe?....some one do a Walking dead Community crossover fanfic!!

    CryptoPenguinCryptoPenguinMånad sedan
    • Well they're basically zombies but only in that specific scenario.

      clement gohclement gohMånad sedan
    • @The Natrix 101 they moan walk/shuffle slowly and has a need to bite humans....zombies

      CryptoPenguinCryptoPenguinMånad sedan
    • They weren’t zombies they were just sick. They would’ve died in six hours too due to the fever killing them.

      The Natrix 101The Natrix 101Månad sedan
  • I love that the first thing Troy and Abed do as zombies is their handshake.

    GreatRieckGreatRieckMånad sedan
  • Watchmojo just uploaded a smarter decisions in zombie movies and the fact that ditching the alien suit isn't there, or punching Annie without remorse or hesitation, is a missed opportunity

    diego seguradiego seguraMånad sedan
  • Are we ignoring the fact that the military was about to shoot the Dean in the face?

    Etneciv LegoEtneciv LegoMånad sedan
    • @Aihan H no the spray was the memory thing

      ChashuBokChoyChashuBokChoyMånad sedan
    • if scenario B is erasing memory, A had to be something else. So yeah, probably kill everyone.

      Caster-Caster-Månad sedan
    • No, the guard behind has a gun.

      Oscar RincónOscar RincónMånad sedan
    • I think he was about to delete dean's memory like men in black. After all he did this to everyone later.

      Aihan HAihan HMånad sedan
    • I think it was more like the thing that MIB do

      jaime antonio pachecojaime antonio pachecoMånad sedan
  • The truest repairman will repair man.

    Justin BlairJustin BlairMånad sedan
    • He did so by being on the show It wasn’t until he left that we knew how broken we are without him

      zantheuszantheus20 dagar sedan
    • The Messiah of all mechanics

      AeroDynamoAeroDynamoMånad sedan
  • "Get away from those hotties."

    Route 77 ProductionsRoute 77 ProductionsMånad sedan
  • Dean I hope you have a plan b 0:21-0:30

    Kervin MassicottKervin MassicottMånad sedan
  • Zombie Jeff: *Taps his phone aimlessly* Mahhh! Zombie Chang: Is still a lecher. Zombie Annie: *Tries reading a book* Zombie Troy and Zombie Abed 🎶: *Do the special handshake*.

    Hoops FanHoops FanMånad sedan
  • It is poetic that the zombie Abed is the first to bite Troy

    Bayu AhmadBayu AhmadMånad sedan
  • "Prepare to meet the power of imagination" 😡🎉🎉🎉

    Alvaro AlejandroAlvaro AlejandroMånad sedan
  • You've missed the best part when Troy said I love you to Abed

    onE mEmbEr studioonE mEmbEr studioMånad sedan
    • I'm waiting for that clip

      RavenclawsCantDrawRavenclawsCantDrawMånad sedan
  • 2:36 "There was something in the air that night..." as the aircon started working... Brilliant 👌

    vitamin miraclevitamin miracleMånad sedan
  • This is the best use of any abba songs ever. That very much includes Mamma Mia musicals.

    Eli RodríguezEli RodríguezMånad sedan
  • 2:32-2:58 Okay deadheads, time to chill out.

    Stephanie EvjenStephanie EvjenMånad sedan
  • The fact they had the gun ready to go then put it away. Nice.

    timeimptimeimpMånad sedan
  • nice

    Ossian CollinsOssian CollinsMånad sedan
  • Cool Zombie Jeff is still one of the funniest parts for me for some reason. I laugh every time.

    Ryan KnappRyan KnappMånad sedan
    • I love the way he goes back to normal but doesn't stop texting

      PositiveVibes94PositiveVibes9413 dagar sedan

      Stephen KrstulichStephen KrstulichMånad sedan
  • Season two is the best one, as actor Alison Brie stated. “It upped the ante”

    Ghastly GhandiGhastly GhandiMånad sedan
  • It is very satisfying to watch the dean get punched

    M BM BMånad sedan
  • This whole episode is really STREETS AHEAD

    martin crowmartin crowMånad sedan
  • I love that they included the Wilhelm Scream. Damn, I miss this show so much.

    123haninhk123haninhkMånad sedan
  • how the hell does community pull off a zombie apocalypse, a d&d episode, a betty while cameo, an animated Christmas special, and a wild west spoof in one season. y'all are amazing.

    WiseyttWiseyttMånad sedan
    • @Will Hoffman it's up on amazon prime if you've got that

      Nathan DavisNathan DavisMånad sedan
    • @Will Hoffman it was awesome but they removed it because chang dressed up as a black elf 😂😂

      FBI BOIFBI BOIMånad sedan
    • I just learned that I missed an episode in season 2 because Netflix removed the D&D one. Thanks lol

      Will HoffmanWill HoffmanMånad sedan
    • It's episodes are streets ahead

      Dark KnightDark KnightMånad sedan
  • The ABBA music fits unbelievably well

    Pilliam PeaverPilliam PeaverMånad sedan
    • you have no idea

      Fernando SVFernando SV8 dagar sedan
    • As a fan of abba it is save to say that i never imagened it would but it does!

      Stefanie MelchgerStefanie MelchgerMånad sedan
    • Just like the band wrote the song for this scene🤔

      Mr. StonksMr. StonksMånad sedan
    • Yes amazing how this song fits a zombie apocalypse so well

      j swailsj swailsMånad sedan
    • Not often you can laugh while having goosies.

      Aaron Burr Atwood.Aaron Burr Atwood.Månad sedan
  • Just realized Troy saves people's lives twice by turning down the temperature.

    Jen Emits LightJen Emits LightMånad sedan
    • "If I had a nickle for every time I saved peoples lives by turning down the temperature, id have two nickles, which isn't alot but its weird its happened twice "

      PioDotBmpPioDotBmp24 dagar sedan
    • @raislash it's in the clip - when the military showed up they said they noticed everyone there was uninfected & decided to run with "scenario B", which implies the existence of a different, possibly darker, "scenario A"

      ethereal saladethereal saladMånad sedan
    • @clement goh wait didn't the task force in military gear make the zombified party guests forget what happened? Would've explained why people didn't remember anything after the party ended.

      raislashraislashMånad sedan
    • he ain't the truest repairman for nothing

      Barok EspinozaBarok EspinozaMånad sedan
    • @clement goh they’d be dead already but the government would’ve burned the bodies probably

      The Natrix 101The Natrix 101Månad sedan
  • Can we talk about how deans plan was to mace a *ZOMBIE* ?!?

    Hector HurtadoHector HurtadoMånad sedan
    • @RRoca idk why people hate it so much, sure it had iffy ideas, but come on, I’d say season 5 and 6 are worse, like they’re incredibly depressing

      Edwin diazEdwin diazMånad sedan
    • @Rougarou eeeek, the *gas leak year*

      RRocaRRocaMånad sedan
    • @Bob Bobsen It could be worse. The gas leak year could be canon.

      RougarouRougarouMånad sedan
    • Can we talk about how this was canon, and the whole school very nearly died (and the dean was almost executed)?

      Bob BobsenBob BobsenMånad sedan
    • And after asking the Zombie for clarification.

      RougarouRougarouMånad sedan

    l u c i f e rl u c i f e rMånad sedan
  • "I don't know why I thought this would work" 😂

    mondler&bechloe94mondler&bechloe94Månad sedan
    • Lol..funniest line

      Ahmed ShanibAhmed ShanibMånad sedan
  • nice wilhelm scream at 0:44, hadn’t noticed that before

    4231jerome4231jeromeMånad sedan
  • Troy saves the world in an aliens costume, and there should be a movie about his life as a thank you... #sixseasonsandamovie

    Indiana JonesIndiana JonesMånad sedan
  • My favorite Community episode

    Bruno SantosBruno SantosMånad sedan
    • And the darkest one by far if you really think about it

      Bob BobsenBob BobsenMånad sedan
    • Same as me. It’s so good!

      Jonsso GamingJonsso GamingMånad sedan
  • Day 19 of asking for a community movie. This may be the best Halloween episode ever (excluding Brooklyn 99 heists)

    Equilibrium GamingEquilibrium GamingMånad sedan
    • Nah the Brooklyn 99 Halloween specials have nothing on community’s

      Pilliam PeaverPilliam PeaverMånad sedan