Party-Goers Start Turning Into Zombies | Community

3 mar 2021
25 040 visningar

The Halloween party starts getting crazy as the guests start turning into zombies.
#Community #Zombies #Halloween
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Community is an American comedy television series created by Dan Harmon that aired on NBC and Yahoo! Screen from September 17, 2009, to June 2, 2015. The series follows an ensemble cast of characters played by Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Ken Jeong, Chevy Chase, and Jim Rash at a community college in the fictional town of Greendale, Colorado.
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  • I have seen this episode at least a dozen times so how have i only noticed Pierce playing with Rich's Banana Tail now!

    Henry LoueyHenry Louey21 dag sedan
  • 2:54 when in doubt: make your own sound effects

    Elijah SElijah S23 dagar sedan
  • starbursn scream jsj

    Dennis ReynoldsDennis ReynoldsMånad sedan
  • Waterloo!

    Paulo CAPaulo CA2 månader sedan
  • Community had some epic Halloween episodes.

    Ryan BensonRyan Benson2 månader sedan
  • I love how a show about community college can literally get away with putting anything into an episode even zombies, love this show so much.

    Aus DragonAus Dragon2 månader sedan
  • Get away from those hottays

    CANNIBoyCANNIBoy2 månader sedan
  • What episode is this?

    Kasual7Kasual72 månader sedan
  • Troy and Abed’s performance would’ve worked with me, truth be told.

    Samantha CrevellariSamantha Crevellari2 månader sedan
  • Britta looks so adorable in that dinosaur costume Tho, nobody can beat Barney and Dorothy the Dinosaur

    Jareth The Goblin KingJareth The Goblin King2 månader sedan
    • Ah, nice shootout to Dorothy. Brings back childhood memories.

      Charlie GriffeyCharlie GriffeyMånad sedan

    WallChartWallChart2 månader sedan
  • Good to see this is still going strong #6SeasonsAndAMovie

    Harry SinghHarry Singh2 månader sedan
  • This was the exact episode the show got truly ridiculous. Not that I’m complaining, Community was streets ahead

    Parker von WaldnerParker von Waldner2 månader sedan
  • Been watching zombie movies all day.. Then this pops up.. I guess cause they know this is the best version of that trope 😄

    Angelina IlyAngelina Ily2 månader sedan
  • ABBA soundtrack in the episode was the best

    Esther SamutEsther Samut2 månader sedan

    Aman GoyalAman Goyal2 månader sedan
    • My 1 minute short film.

      Aman GoyalAman Goyal2 månader sedan
  • I like how the girl on the right looks like she's a little into it but then shuts it down when her friend speaks up.

    John SmithJohn Smith2 månader sedan
  • i dont understand shut up

    Daniel ReynoldsDaniel Reynolds2 månader sedan
    • he's acting like the impression of him we do behind his back. WAT? MERRR. WHERE AM I? WHERE'S THE BLACK BOY IN THE UNIFORM?

      Daniel ReynoldsDaniel Reynolds2 månader sedan
  • awww man making me wanna break out the dvd collection lol

    Paul The bearded one DowningPaul The bearded one Downing2 månader sedan
  • I love how Star Burns and Annie react at the end to a zombie bite

    Mascãdá Del PántiònMascãdá Del Pántiòn2 månader sedan
  • One of my top 3 favorite episodes of community, those ABBA songs in the background make this sooo perfect.

    Aihan HAihan H2 månader sedan
  • I love this episode cause it helps me not associate Abba with Mamma Mia so much. Thanks Dan!

    Sawyer KSawyer K2 månader sedan
  • It’s not fair that they keep reminding us how mind-blowingly good Community was and proceed not togive us the movie..

    Trường Sơn BùiTrường Sơn Bùi2 månader sedan
    • Precisely!

      mondler&bechloe94mondler&bechloe942 månader sedan
  • "He's acting like the impression of him we do behind his back." This coupled with Shirley's insecurities, can't blame her for thinking Pierce actually recorded a CD of the group talking bad about her when she wasn't there.

    Arun VArun V2 månader sedan
  • I believe that was HumancentIPad definitley

    sparklingsparkling2 månader sedan
  • Fun fact: Harmon exhausted his music budget for the whole season by buying the rights for Abba's greatest hits for this episode. It was kinda worth it though.

    Hoops FanHoops Fan2 månader sedan
    • It was so worth it this episode is my favorite of the whole show mostky bec of the music it was so funny lmao

      Ilana FallasIlana Fallas27 dagar sedan
    • How much was the Layla outro? I bet that cost a lot.

      FlyingPig562FlyingPig562Månad sedan
    • @Hoops Fan dont forget the pierce-abed amv

      Peaceful helpPeaceful help2 månader sedan
    • @Mananas Lol. Yes. Moreover, in season 2, Harmon also paid 30 grand out of his own pocket to buy the rights to the song 'Gravity' to make the Jeff-Annie shipping video.

      Hoops FanHoops Fan2 månader sedan
    • This seems to be a pattern... Didn't he also exhaust the music budget of season 3 by buying the rights to play Roxanne by The Police?

      MananasMananas2 månader sedan
  • Would Rich-Annie have been a better/healthier couple than Jeff-Annie, considering it's the same age-gap?

    Pan DPan D2 månader sedan
    • @Gabby Pastén Zúñiga She's almost 20 here. Her bday is Dec 19, 1990 and this is Halloween so end of October. And I agree about the creepiness of the age difference but since that decision has already been made by the creators, then considering that as a given, I was wondering about that question

      Pan DPan D2 månader sedan
    • @Oakley Raverty it depends WHEN during season 2. At the begining, when she met Rich, she could've still be 19 (unless in America you need to enter the last school year with 18...I am not aware of that)

      Gabby Pastén ZúñigaGabby Pastén Zúñiga2 månader sedan
    • @Gabby Pastén Zúñiga Annie WAS a teenager. Until Season 2. Then she was a 20 year old adult.

      Oakley RavertyOakley Raverty2 månader sedan
    • Neither. Both are gross. Annie is a teenager

      Gabby Pastén ZúñigaGabby Pastén Zúñiga2 månader sedan
  • When movie? #sixseasonandamovie

    Simo Häyhä GSimo Häyhä G2 månader sedan
  • Can y'all post the clip of when Abed and Jeff switched shirts because Abed had been eyeing his since registration day? One of my favorite moments

    Jack LongJack Long2 månader sedan
  • Thank you, Dan Harmon, for paying for ABBA from your own pockets

    Pan DPan D2 månader sedan
  • Best Halloween ever, am I right?

    onE mEmbEr studioonE mEmbEr studio2 månader sedan
  • #sixseasonsandamovie

    Tobeboy BruceTobeboy Bruce2 månader sedan
  • An awesome Halloween episode! #SixSeasonsAndaMovie

    Justin BlairJustin Blair2 månader sedan
  • One of my favorite episodes, can't remember how many times I've rewatched this

    Lucia Da RochaLucia Da Rocha2 månader sedan
    • Same.

      Sincerely, BeySincerely, Bey2 månader sedan
  • Please make it happen #sixseasonsandamovie

    Tanishka LaleTanishka Lale2 månader sedan
  • *Gets rejected by two girls for being childish* Troy: *continues to makes robot turning noise to talk to Jeff on how to get girls*

    Kai WestbyKai Westby2 månader sedan
    • Keyword: childish

      Glenn AustriaGlenn Austria2 månader sedan
  • Nobody is gonna remember this Halloween... #sixseasonsandamovie

    Indiana JonesIndiana Jones2 månader sedan
  • One of the best episodes in the history of television

    Ranjitha NayakRanjitha Nayak2 månader sedan
    • You could say that about at least 6 other episodes from the same season.

      4closure4closure2 månader sedan
  • “Checkout something called human centi...” So freakin funny, I had to pause the vid as it snuck up on me.

    Aaron Burr Atwood.Aaron Burr Atwood.2 månader sedan
  • Just appalling that those girls, and Jeff, werent impressed with Troy's costume or his ability to fight off a Xenomorph.

    1personiam1personiam2 månader sedan
    • And his amazing machine-movement-mouth-noises

      Pan DPan D2 månader sedan
  • This is such an underrated episode

    RavenclawsCantDrawRavenclawsCantDraw2 månader sedan
    • It is my favorite episode. lol

      Juan RiañoJuan Riaño2 månader sedan
    • I really don't know about that one! Literally everyone I talk to that is a big fan of community say that this is their favorite episode

      Mascãdá Del PántiònMascãdá Del Pántiòn2 månader sedan

    Big 🅖Big 🅖2 månader sedan
    • Guys? I hate to be the We've Got Company Guy but..

      Jareth The Goblin KingJareth The Goblin King2 månader sedan
    • Zombie attaaaack!!!

      Justin BlairJustin Blair2 månader sedan
  • To those who consider themselves first consider what you have done with your life to get to this point and stop doing what you are doing.

    Obi wan KenobiObi wan Kenobi2 månader sedan
    • @lughreviews no

      Obi wan KenobiObi wan Kenobi2 månader sedan
    • Is there any context to this comment?

      lughreviewslughreviews2 månader sedan

    Faruk Buğra SevinçFaruk Buğra Sevinç2 månader sedan
  • Day 14 of asking for a Community Movie. If you like this then you’re streets ahead.

    Equilibrium GamingEquilibrium Gaming2 månader sedan
    • Day 14? We've been asking for a movie for over 5 years.

      Ben RajanBen RajanMånad sedan
    • @Wren X coined and minted

      Henry LoueyHenry Louey2 månader sedan
    • @Antony Alamilla 'if you have to ask, you're streets behind'

      Wren XWren X2 månader sedan
    • Leonard likes this post

      Ekhlas FEkhlas F2 månader sedan
    • is that the same as miles ahead or?

      Antony AlamillaAntony Alamilla2 månader sedan