Jeff's Relationship Journey | Community

31 mar 2021
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One question we see a lot is 'Who does Jeff end up with?' So we've put together some of his relationship highs and lows before reaching his ultimate conclusion.
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  • I couldn't continue watching past 8:44

    ElleElle23 timmar sedan
  • Jeff and Annie forever❤️❤️❤️

    Alejandro PintoAlejandro PintoDag sedan
  • Season 1 Britta is simply not the same character as the britta in later seasons

    DylanDylan6 dagar sedan
  • Jeff and Annie deserved to be together by the end of the show.

    Shirley AShirley A9 dagar sedan
  • Still team Jeff/Annie ( i do aware the age gap thing but they'r fictional character and now she's 30 so.. it's okay!) The fact of the matter was that Britta and Jeff occupied similar roles in a sitcom, being the straight white man/woman. Jeff and Britta were too similar to be in a relationship, and that didn't test well with focus groups. If we look at any successful sitcom pairing there's always one dominant character and a side character. The problem with Jeff and Britta, at least in season 1, was that their chemistry was based on arguing who is right or wrong, and once they get together, that just creates a toxic relationship. They both, while in a relationship, just take up too much of the screen, if that makes any sense. The type of relationship they were trying to push between Jeff and Britta also seemed kind of counter-intuitive to me. The best scene between them, imo, would be the flowers scene in season 1. But as a seemingly progressive woman, being so affected by a typical romantic cliche just felt wrong at the time. That's right up Annie's ally though. Meanwhile, with Jeff and Annie, the relationship did test well with focus groups, even though there weren't many explicit scenes pointing to a relationship. There was obvious \*romantic\* chemistry, while any romantic chemistry between Jeff and Britta felt forced (according to me, obviously). I was like 14 when I first saw the debate episode, and I could immediately tell that there was something special there, as opposed to another relationship like Troy and Britta, which just didn't have any chemistry. Also, it probably helped that back then I wasn't aware that the relationship is considered 'gross' or 'creepy' which many people feel nowadays. It obviously also tested well with other people, because the writers dropped the Jeff/Britta relationship dynamic pretty quickly. Only after I grew a bit older did I find out that the Jeff/Annie relationship is apparently taboo, and that critics would target Harmon on the topic, with obvious implications. (Even though a lot of the Jeff/Annie episodes aren't even written by him). That explains his reluctance to go all the way, which is somewhat justifiable, I mean it is his show, as much as I didn't agree with him. But It's just difficult for me to think of Jeff and Britta in a stable relationship. Their best scenes are when they're bickering about some useless fact, and as Abed said, that's fine among friends, but would break a relationship after six episodes. Whereas I can see Jeff and Annie in a stable relationship. In almost every episode we've seen Jeff push and promote Annie's ideas, instead of holding her back, which is what critics say. In Geography of Global Conflict, Conspiracy Theories in Interior Design, the Ass Crack Bandit episode, Noone but Jeff is willing to help Annie. However far apart they are, in life or in maturity levels, I can see both of them helping each other out.

    waritron katehengwaritron kateheng14 dagar sedan
    • I am not sure there is such a thing as too similar. I would say that Jeff and Britta really don’t have that much in common, most of what they do have in common are negative traits like big ego, just aren’t good together

      HSHS11 dagar sedan
  • jeff annie forever (I always tend to fall for the ships that seem unlikely or with most barriers to them)

    nine sinoonnine sinoon14 dagar sedan
  • im sorry to people who disagree but JeffAnnie is the superior ship ever, I just listened to the darkest timeline podcast the episode where they got Alison as a guest, AND I CAN TELL THE CHEMISTRY IS STILL THERE 😉

    the loudest shipperthe loudest shipper14 dagar sedan
  • Annie is the only woman I like Jeff with. he did things for her, supported, protected her, succumbed to her Disney eyes not because he wanted to get into her pants, he actually did them out of the goodness of his heart. She does bring out the unselfish in him. it's what makes their relationship special

    SHOPEE CODESHOPEE CODE14 dagar sedan
  • here for Jeff/Annie. Basically, the moment I fell in love with Jeff/Annie was the moment I fell in love with Community. So, you know, they have a special place in my heart, for sure.

    สอน ทุกอย่างจ้าสอน ทุกอย่างจ้า14 dagar sedan
  • jeff/Annie forever they're alike in some ways, and so different in others. But they have a tendency to prompt growth, not regression even when they were arguing they're always met each other at the half way. and they're in love with each other, people just need no accepted it. it's canon

    G.R got that dope!G.R got that dope!14 dagar sedan
  • team jeff-annie they just need a couple years to sort out their life and that's perfect for a movie !!!

    bunnykookie꾹토끼bunnykookie꾹토끼14 dagar sedan
  • JeffAnnie is still my guilty ship the thing is I'm spend 6YEARS invested my emotional for the Jeff/Annie relationship so it was frustrating for me, but after rewatched I think Dan handle their relationship well overall, Jeff/annie paring was complicated and we knew why the show can't go there but at least Dan left the door open for them in the future which is feel right to me, they need a couple years to sort out their life and make it work. now im on my 8th rewatch and im still enjoy the show. ❤❤ #sixseasonsandamovie

    B PB P14 dagar sedan
  • jeff annie for the win

    p pp p14 dagar sedan
  • It's funny the guy flying the gay kite in the background while they kissed at the beginning

    Better JakeBetter Jake17 dagar sedan

    Nathan RBNathan RB19 dagar sedan
  • jeff and annie invented chemistry yes

    aryaofoldstonesaryaofoldstones20 dagar sedan
  • #sixseasonsandamovie

    Alex FiliuțăAlex Filiuță23 dagar sedan
  • Here’s what Dan Harmon said regarding that goodbye kiss between Jeff and Annie: "And it's different from a sexual kiss. It's different from kissing. It's different. A goodbye kiss is more than that. IT'S TRUE LOVE, the love we saw recorded on the computer at the end of season five . Jeff loves Annie. That's different from being compatible with Annie. That's different from understanding Annie. He loves her. With all his heart and all his groin and all his brain, he loves Annie. He is 16 years older than her. her life is just beginning . His life isn't over, but here he is in Greendale. So he has to kiss her goodbye. And SHE'S CLEARLY IN LOVE WITH HIM , but she's still looking for herself. I think it's going to be this two-dimensional type A personality in being a woman. Full control of her faculties and she gets it. She can make these decisions. You know, that's her young adulthood. And so THEY'RE SAYING GOODBYE FOR NOW . And THEY DO LOVE EACH OTHER VERY MUCH . "

    Adam R.L.Adam R.L.24 dagar sedan
  • I want a movie where Jeff and Britta end up together lol I have watched and rewatched the show for the past month on repeat, eventually focusing on relationship patterns (Annie/Jeff, Abed/Annie, Britta/Jeff). I understand that maybe up to the point the show ended Jeff might have finally accepted Annie as someone he loves, I am not fan of the age gap, but its understandable, their moments were sweet and unexpected. Jeff and Annie became better because of each other yes, but so they did with everyone. They are a community afterall. It was sweet but to me their relationship was ancoming of age for both Jeff and Annie, she has a crush on him, or at least she is reacting to the way one would at 18/19 if you meet someone like Jeff who seems as a cool dude leader. And I mean, have you seen him? WOW HE HOT (with all fue respect) As he says there might be sexual tension and chemistry (he has it with everyone) and it makes sense in a life situation, who hasnt question at some point if a friendship might mean more than something platonic. The cool thing is when even if you crossed the barrier, and it doesnt work out, you can cross the barrier and can cross back, still loving each other as friends, and can be cool, cool cool cool. Seeing them together was nice and all, it just seem purely platonic. At least from Jeff's side. I dont think he sees her as a sister, but as someone who he wants to protect. And someone who reminds him of being young (specially season 6) Towards season 6 Jeff is more mature in many ways, plus he has a beard, he has a somewhat stable life, and when Annie announces that she is going is a break of that part of his life that has been since s1. Now, it isnt until Abed announces his departure that you could see Jeffs balance shatter, because it is evident things are going to change for real. At that point he realizes that he loves Annie (or ay least doesnt see her as a child anymore) and does see her as somethibg more, but to portray his growth as a person he is not going to pursue he (as Jeff Winger would) instead letting her fly. The kiss was a closure statent of their matured selves, now she is ready to leave the nest and get that record full of adventures, same as Abed. Which is closing in a perfect circle as he was also seen by the group as someone who needed to be protected (not exactlyy but yall know what I mean). Now lets talk about why Abed and Annie, Jeff and Britta. As mentioned before I have been pucking up patterns and rewatching the show, Abed/Annie, he might be Chandler, she is not Phoebe, she is Mónica all over. There are many instances of flirty looks between them, the milestones they pass, theyre time as housemates, their kisses, the build up of their friendship/relationship, 'stolen looks', specially things Abed say, their dance at paintball. Lets talk about my favoriye ship Britta and Jeff. First of all why would people day there is no chemistry? Their episodes are so meaningfull, through the series Britta is the one that is there with Jeff through his toughest (his dad, his narcissistic day, and days,) she is there to call him on his BS (specially when Dan Harmon was there s1-3 when she is strong, witty, smart, caring and the heart of the group while Jeff is the Brainz). Jeff is the one person she admits not being perfect, they see their true colors, know them and also see that as humans they are trying to better the quality of such colors. They do make each other better humans. The way they interact with each other is of someone who knows everything about the other person and still loves them. yes people we have to admit just like with the group there is true appreciation and love between these two. They banter all the time, they are always play full and to me that is something you do with a soulmate. I feel like we were played into thinking they were not endgame to surprise the audience, avoid cliché. Abed calls it first, saying that they prevent them to being friends, theyn in s5 he says to Annie that it wouldnt last more than 6 episodes. But but but despute this when he is in Abeds show in S4 when Jeff and Britta were presented there was an insinuation they were a couple (they were kissing). Moreover the group was obsessed with them, when discovering they where secretly doing it they put they blame of the years events on them. Its a pattern that return, so it feels like for the sale of the group they stay apart. It is true that they always pick on each other, and they act very guarded towards each other. Their bickering reminds me middle school picking on the kid you like because you dont know how to handle it. It makes sense s1 Jeff finds Britta attractive (I mean, have you seen her?) and wants to do her, so of course she puts her guard up, specially after the events of the first 2 episodes. She knows she only wants her for sex, but Jeff is seen having small moments in which you feel his affection for Britta grow. When she dates Vaughn he gets crushed after seeing her kiss him, even more after she tells him they septiembre together, it even seem like it was the first time that happened to Jeff. Now he starts being guarded, he doesn't want to get hurt, Jeff dates Slatter, and Britta finally accepts she has some affection for Jeff ( the way she reacted when he gives her the flowers.). To me their scenes are filled with sweet flirty, lovey glances. Even after they made Britta dirty there was always something there. If you watch s2 with the knowledge that they have been doing it, they seem pretty content, when seen together you can tell there is something relationshipy and sweet between them. After the group makes a big deal abou them Jeff says they have hooked up a couple of times, later seasons Britta says they dated (which Jeff denies), Jeff refered to Britta as his former lover to Duncan, when emails are leaked he admitts they did date (when we were dating), finally when they are tricking the grifter Britta refers to him as exboyfriend quite the egghunt there. Towards the end of the episode Britta reacts big to Jeff/Annie will they might they (that following the post I love you kiss). Jeff has admitted that he still has some desires towards her (the hand episode) and when she is being loved by her former anarchist friends, he admits that her being liked turns him on. Is this why there is such a big necessity to put her down? They both are in defense mechanism, I feel that they saw each other as more but were not going to admit it for everything that it would entail with the group, and with each other (it would give leverage, which could be wrongly used) I feel they are afraid of being hurt by each other again, and look like fools. That also explains why they couldnt give it a chance. Again many moments, secret inuendos, touching, hugs (you have to look for them , you you will find them). I would love to see a movie in which Jeff and Britta are together. Fast forward 5-6 years (maybe Jeff tried it with Annie for a bit and she got a bigger job out of state or country.) Maybe Britta and Jeff also gave each other a chance for a bigger bit. I would love to see a Mature S1 Britta, sassy, witty, passionate, someone who is a great psychologist and activist for womens rights in Guatemala or something) working for an american NPO. Some crazy community adventure in which the Annie Jeff will be teased but close as friendship, opening the Abed Annie ship. It would be cool to see her going back to Guatemala (or spanish speaking country), reading something, Jeff approaching, and her tryibg to avoid some 'stranger hitting on her' pretends to only speak spanish, to which Jeff responds something in the same language. Maybe him proposing, and having a surprise wedding ending with everyone, bringing it full circle. What we leave with. I know its too long I have no potatoes, but I do have hope, and the advice of rewatching it with some consideration of the points I attempted to make.. My personal opinion I understand if you dont agree, but hey anything is possible just roll the dice.

    anto parraanto parraMånad sedan
    • @Mustafa Mert Yılmazyurt Jeff may have apologized after the fact for Sophie b Hawkins, and admitted she was right about taking pills. Apologizing is after the fact, he shouldn’t been so harsh in the first towards the dance. I have people in my life that tell me I will never succeed just because they apologize after the fact doesn’t change to much. Being truly supportive requires being proactive not reactive, also it is more so Jeff that is unsupportive, Britta supports and does things for everyone in the group. Also what I say isn’t shallow, just because I try to bring up a point or disagree doesn’t make it shallow. If anything is shallow it’s wanting to see the cliche. Also I never said they couldn’t work as friends they can, it is easier to be friends than to be a couple. Jeff and Britta should be friends nothing more, Besides it makes Britta a more dynamic character if she supports her friends without ever being romantic or getting something back for what she does. Besides there just aren’t that many examples of platonic friends of the opposite sex on tv. It is much realistic and it makes it interesting. Also dan Harmon wrote both characters from season 1 with the express intent of never getting together, he hates the trope they were setup to be. The best thing what be for stories that focus on individual character development not romance. Lastly, I don’t care if your a little annoyed, I only do this when I am bored.

      HSHS11 dagar sedan
    • @Mustafa Mert Yılmazyurt hey so i was watching 'Basic Sandwich', when professor Duncan askes about Britta and Jeff getting married, they play it off, banter... Here's the kicker, Jeff says 'Thats it the MARRIAGE (the actual relationship after the matrimony) is off!' and Britta replies 'dont you mean the WEDDING (the celebration day) is off?' To which they cheer and high five? why would Dan/producers invest so much sweet scenes, so MUCH eye contact every episode always putting them next to each other, even the music that plays in the backgroud cof cof !'Herstory in Music' (I know thats not Dan but s4 has to be mentioned) if it didnt mean anything? Supposedly the couple he doesnt root for (or does he)'. Anyways, i feel the same, i wanted to share my view but definetly not start a war over a TV show lol as always hope everyone stays safe and blessed!

      anto parraanto parra12 dagar sedan
    • @HS you are bringing up same thing over and over. “He understood his unfair treatment thanks to Pierce in Sophie B. hawkins, and the one who congratulates her first afterwards.” Then, “He is the one to admit, he needs therapy and asks for help after celebrity impersonation.” You are constantly implying these two have a “toxic, non supportive, using each other for only sex” in various accounts and platforms. If you actually have read or invested a little of our perspective, you would have stopped answering us, or writing under every post with your “shallow” opinions. Stop defaming, our perspective on Jeff and Britta, we know “whether they are a couple or not, they have a mutual understanding and respect”. And, we know, if Dan decided there could be a chance for them again. Tbh, I am so angry at myself for literally wasting my time arguing with a “wally” over a fictional relationship on a comment section. Just go away, and stop bullshitting the idea of Jeff and Britta.

      Mustafa Mert YılmazyurtMustafa Mert Yılmazyurt14 dagar sedan
    • @Mustafa Mert Yılmazyurt yep yep yep i could not have word it better!!! Thank you Mustafa once more its so nice to discuss with somebody who tries to see where one comes from as we can add to our own puzzles just the way you did on the paragraph you wrote before (which was beautifully written!) Haters gonna hate lol

      anto parraanto parra14 dagar sedan
    • @Mustafa Mert Yılmazyurt Jeff is unsupportive, he wanted to see Britta’s feminist dance fail. He didn’t support her wanting to be a therapist, in fact he is dismissive, doesn’t think she should be one. Jeff also said once whatever it is she will be bad at it. It is a fact that Jeff is unsupportive of Britta’s interest(not BS). Also I have read every word don’t make accusations.

      HSHS14 dagar sedan
  • Here for Jeff and Annie

    Clara E15Clara E15Månad sedan
  • Jeff and britta were so much better than jeff and annie

    Oscar HannerzOscar HannerzMånad sedan
  • Am I the only one who is grossed out by Jeff and Annie's relationship? Like they portray Annie as a little child while Jeff is basically a middle aged man. 🤮

    Anne VivarAnne VivarMånad sedan
  • I want a Troy and Britta compilation.

    DreTheSimmerDreTheSimmerMånad sedan
  • I felt bad cause Jeff actually had a "future" toxic yes, but his friendship became toxic as well, he got sucked into Greendale, yes being open about his feelings, caring and loving, but at the end, he ends up basically alone, and that's life, you open up to someone when you don't want to, open a chest that spills feelings, and after that they leave. When they pushed you into the situation. But i guess, the ultimate test is how you pick yourself up

    San HermosoSan HermosoMånad sedan
    • Here is the link of comment dvd: Here’s what Dan Harmon said regarding that goodbye kiss between Jeff and Annie: “A kiss goodbye is more than that, it’s true love. The love that we saw registered on the computer at the end of season 5, Jeff loves Annie.“ “And she is clearly in love with him.” “So they are kissing goodbye for now. And they do love each other very much.”.

      Adam R.L.Adam R.L.21 dag sedan
  • I’m sorry, did they just pretend Jeff’s thing with Slater never happened? 😂

    The Wizard PianistThe Wizard PianistMånad sedan
    • We all do

      LielleDLielleD10 dagar sedan
    • Unfortunately, plot-wise Slater was just a foil for Britta.

      Lorem IpsumLorem Ipsum16 dagar sedan
  • I haven’t lost hope for Jeff and Annie

    Brittany L.Brittany L.Månad sedan
  • 0:50 this timeline can easily be fixed with a Winger speech

    Mike M.Mike M.Månad sedan
  • Jeff and Annie should be together.

    Silly SillySilly SillyMånad sedan
  • The Annie of it all

    missfairuzadotcommissfairuzadotcomMånad sedan
  • Jeff marries Greendale

    GapsuleGapsuleMånad sedan
  • This is the 2nd last upload isn’t it...

    timeimptimeimpMånad sedan
  • I wish Annie and Jeff stayed just really good friends. I like the Britta Jeff romance more, but I wouldve much preferred if the entire study group remained really good friends rather love interests. Thats just me.

    mintsandmatchamintsandmatchaMånad sedan
    • Well to be fair community had less in group romances than most other sitcoms and they made sure that romance never became a central focus like other shows. Also if they stuck with Jeff and britta they would have had to be a relationship which could bring the show down

      HSHS25 dagar sedan
  • After six seasons I'm still on Team Slater.

    romxxiiromxxiiMånad sedan
    • I’m not opposed to it

      Mike M.Mike M.Månad sedan

    ChisnehzimChisnehzimMånad sedan
  • Alison Brie looks so different in her first scene compared to her last, and not because she got older, there’s something just slightly off

    JuLeXJuLeXMånad sedan
    • She definitely lost a lot of weight that's why she looks different she looked much younger with her chubby cheeks

      Sandra ADAMSSandra ADAMS20 dagar sedan
    • Yeah I think in season 2 or 3 she had her nose done? She also lost a lot of weight moving towards season 5

      Teshé RolleTeshé RolleMånad sedan

    Davidf_killaDavidf_killaMånad sedan
  • bro idk why but that last scene where he's looking at the table, i really felt for jeff. like the show really made me attached to it so much that i really felt as if i were jeff himself. wow tears.

    Andrew LeeAndrew LeeMånad sedan
    • I know, right?

      PLAYPLAY4 dagar sedan
  • did we ever find out who glipglop was

    TorpedexTorpedexMånad sedan
  • Last time I was this early Jeff was yet to see Abeds value

    sir hmmdebatablesir hmmdebatableMånad sedan
  • Annie's goodbye kiss and realization of Jeff's future terrified me when I first watched it. All those memories I had with community, so I can end up here, watching Jeff grow and become a responsible, repaired character means so much to me. It was really an emotional toll on me. :( #sixseasonsandamovie

    Ali GÜNEŞAli GÜNEŞMånad sedan
    • i was also terrified. Dan did such a great job making it feel so real

      genocidalpotatoesgenocidalpotatoesMånad sedan
  • Britta's the best

    Larry GuerrieroLarry GuerrieroMånad sedan
  • He is womanizer.. 😂

    BuseeBuseeMånad sedan
  • The Dean better be in this

    Mr TemporalMr TemporalMånad sedan
  • According to Pierce, 2 WaterPiks are more valuable than a speedboat.

    Bruno PrimasBruno PrimasMånad sedan
  • This shit made me tear up man fr

    chucky!chucky!Månad sedan
  • I hold such a strong feeling for this show and I’ve never cared about a show more deeply than community and I don’t know why every time I hear that ending song it makes me remember my first time watching the first episode

    ChampionChampionMånad sedan
    • same

      Adam DevlinAdam DevlinMånad sedan
  • I really loved the chemistry they had together and the build up. At least they where together in the darkest timeline. (Annie and Jeff).

    Lissy K.Lissy K.Månad sedan
  • well. . . i guess its time to watch all 6 seasons again

    Shehan AbidShehan AbidMånad sedan
  • Britta used to be a regular person hahaha

  • “was that off-the-book enough for ya?”

    Carol KuaharaCarol KuaharaMånad sedan
    • god i can hear Annie's voice by reading this comment

      nine sinoonnine sinoon14 dagar sedan
  • 0:38 When he starts climbing the tree lmaooo

    InsidiosityInsidiosityMånad sedan
    • Wa-wee!

      Kwaite FuniKwaite Funi6 dagar sedan
  • are there actually people who wanted annie and jeff to be endgame read the comments and was very wrong.. such an odd ..very different in age..couple 🙃

    punk monkeypunk monkeyMånad sedan
    • me i want them to be together

      nine sinoonnine sinoon14 dagar sedan
  • Probably unpopular opinion because of the sarcastic/satire-humour setting but here it is: The way Jeff wouldn't let go of Britta when she already said no the 1st time annoyed me the most. I strongly dislike when male characters keep their 'seduction' going when the female character already refused. It is something that i find disgusting because it implies what she thinks doesn't matter. A triple annoyance for doing that with the 1st female character in the show who actually claims her happiness doesn't depend on male companionship for that matter. So yeah, like everyone else in the show, she is really flawed, but she's also the one who started with the most personality of her own at first. And we introduce most of her being a 'sex-goal' for the 1st male main character. I'm saying LAME to that. Once again, it is my opinion, if you disagree it is understandable: But you can't tell me that i am completely wrong and shouldn't voice out what i think.

    Juliet D.G. BelcouleurJuliet D.G. BelcouleurMånad sedan
    • It's pretty clear they are telling you that Jeff was a horrible person before joining the study group

      PedroPedro21 dag sedan
    • I agree. It doesn't matter if she succumbs to his seduction later . She had a reason for saying no- perhaps she wanted to do it...but she had her own inhibitions and reasons for saying no. A no , despite it being a relucant no , is a NO. Desire is not the only factor required to make a decision. Reason is too. This needs to be understood by people . It happens WAY too often in movies...The female character is pushed to the edge and it makes me uncomfortable. I love this show...but I agree

      Pratishtha ShuklaPratishtha ShuklaMånad sedan
  • The music in the early seasons was so good!

    Pan DPan DMånad sedan

    Pan DPan DMånad sedan
  • Just put them in the right order. Why would you not do that

    Pan DPan DMånad sedan
  • 10:20 "Boring ass Marvel movies. And I want those movies to be of any concern to the people making them." lmaooooo DEADDDDD. I wish I got to see the relationships b/w the directors and writers (Russo brothers, Dan Harmon and more)

    David LeeDavid LeeMånad sedan
    • I guess it's an inside joke that they shared together, it's not like they are outright degrading Marvel, they are just stating a small majority of people's opinion and you just gotta accept that and move on. Just like how Jeff move on from Annie because she and everyone is just human, trying to get through this hell that we collectively calls it: Home.

      HundeHundeMånad sedan
  • One of the best fan bases

    Charlie brayCharlie brayMånad sedan
  • If they don't announce the movie this year, I'm officially giving up...

    MarianaMarianaMånad sedan
    • Never give up .

      Adam R.L.Adam R.L.Månad sedan
  • Team Britta

    杜令日光杜令日光Månad sedan
  • the best romantic plot twist

    annieofitallannieofitallMånad sedan
    • i love jeff and annie

      nine sinoonnine sinoon14 dagar sedan
  • Glad they went the Cheers route and didn't pair up all the characters at the end

    Michael HegwoodMichael HegwoodMånad sedan
  • Troy and Abed in a movie

    Pedro RodríguezPedro RodríguezMånad sedan
  • Go back to your child area

    Aaron KellyAaron KellyMånad sedan
  • Jeff an Annie forever Sixseasonandamovie Never let the dream die

    Jasper BraunschweigerJasper BraunschweigerMånad sedan
    • jeff annie for the win

      nine sinoonnine sinoon14 dagar sedan
    • yesssss

      bunnykookie꾹토끼bunnykookie꾹토끼14 dagar sedan
  • I really never finished community does Jeff and any really be the thing wow could have been better

    Reshawn FaceyReshawn FaceyMånad sedan
  • Jeff/Annie ❤️

    AbhilashaAbhilashaMånad sedan
  • Remember they made us believe it was gonna be Brittany and Jeff... oh how they fooled us

    Its PortIts PortMånad sedan
    • @Shirley A I disagree. I liked her. She was smart and critical but uptight and jeff was loose and down to earth but too easy going. Their traits played off of each other better. Annie's age made it creepy.

      RundownOysterRundownOyster9 dagar sedan
    • @RundownOyster he didn't have any chemistry with Britta. Britta was so dislikeable as a character.

      Shirley AShirley A9 dagar sedan
    • @RundownOyster i k kw it didnt add up their episodes and conversations were random, with Britta it was more meaningful (i felt like jeff favored Annie and spoiled her a little lol)

      anto parraanto parra15 dagar sedan
    • Here is the link of comment dvd: Here’s what Dan Harmon said regarding that goodbye kiss between Jeff and Annie: “A kiss goodbye is more than that, it’s true love. The love that we saw registered on the computer at the end of season 5, Jeff loves Annie.“ “And she is clearly in love with him.” “So they are kissing goodbye for now. And they do love each other very much.”.

      Adam R.L.Adam R.L.21 dag sedan
    • @RundownOyster you can’t say that, in a lot shows, characters tend to get less funny when they get into a relationship. A relationship between Jeff and Britta would have killed a lot of the humor both characters had.

      HSHS25 dagar sedan
  • Day number... I forgot .. still need that movie 😪💯

    A- ROD1299A- ROD1299Månad sedan
  • Jeff and Annie are the greatest couple in the history of TV!

    Snake EyesSnake EyesMånad sedan
    • @Devadathan PK Peraltiago >>>>> Jim and Pam

      Dhruv PathakDhruv PathakMånad sedan
    • @Dhruv Pathak Jim n Pam

      Devadathan PKDevadathan PKMånad sedan
    • @Dgx Keyboards she was leaving for a 10 week summer internship with the FBI.

      Snake EyesSnake EyesMånad sedan
    • Peraltiago hold that trophy. Jeff and Annie are close though

      Dhruv PathakDhruv PathakMånad sedan
    • @Snake Eyes They Did ? I Remember that Annie moved Away to train for the FBI.

      Dgx KeyboardsDgx KeyboardsMånad sedan
  • From season 1 to 3 to 1 to 1 to 6, while missing a looot of relationship/romantic moments of Jeff. Like if you're gonna make such a video at least do it right otherwise there isn't really any reason for it's existence.

    HinadeHinadeMånad sedan
  • I've just finished Season 6 after putting off the last episode for ages because I didn't want it to end. My heart rip

    Matt CurtisMatt CurtisMånad sedan
    • I did the same thing. Just finished the last episode yesterday. Rip my hearth

      MariellaMariellaMånad sedan
    • @Hunde damn straight brother

      Matt CurtisMatt CurtisMånad sedan
    • That second goddamn hug Jeff gave Abed. Pain. M A X I M U M D A M A G E pain.

      PeazeralusPeazeralusMånad sedan
    • You know what to do? Watch it all over again

      HundeHundeMånad sedan
    • it's definitely an oof

      SupremeChickenxSupremeChickenxMånad sedan
  • 2021 marks the year where Jeff and Annie’s age gap is socially acceptable since 46/2 + 7 = 30. Just pointing it out...

    Carol KuaharaCarol KuaharaMånad sedan
    • She was never a child

      BigES14BigES14Månad sedan
    • Advice from Tom Haverford is usually bad advice.

      StarWarFanStarWarFanMånad sedan
    • #andamovie

      Nicholas JohnsonNicholas JohnsonMånad sedan
    • Six seasons and a movie

      Tardisin221BTardisin221BMånad sedan
    • Jee wouldn’t it be interesting if some sort of sequel to the show happened like a movie or something so they could end up together

      Remi CantinRemi CantinMånad sedan
  • The way season 1 went Jeff should've ended up with Britta and I wasn't a fan of the way they threw that out the window. But with the way the rest of the show went Jeff and Annie should've ended up together. I wish there was more between Jeff and Annie in season 6. Feels like they barely interacted that season.

    ryan smithryan smithMånad sedan
    • @Adam R.L. Please stop copy and pasting this quote everywhere.

      ryan smithryan smith4 dagar sedan
    • @Peazeralus It wasn't scathingly smart subversion. They were going Jeff and Britta but just changed their mind.

      ryan smithryan smith4 dagar sedan
    • Here is the link of comment dvd: Here’s what Dan Harmon said regarding that goodbye kiss between Jeff and Annie: “A kiss goodbye is more than that, it’s true love. The love that we saw registered on the computer at the end of season 5, Jeff loves Annie.“ “And she is clearly in love with him.” “So they are kissing goodbye for now. And they do love each other very much.”.

      Adam R.L.Adam R.L.21 dag sedan
    • @Castro Cryptid Actually we know exactly how long she is gone for. It was a 10 week summer internship.

      Snake EyesSnake EyesMånad sedan
    • @Snake Eyes they didn't, annie left for who knows how long

      Castro CryptidCastro CryptidMånad sedan
  • I would have like Britta and Jeff to be together. Since, they are both really good friends and had genuine moments. But I think she deserves much more than being a part of a love triangle so I would like see her best self in a potential movie rather than a romantic triumph. She is the best!

    Mustafa Mert YılmazyurtMustafa Mert YılmazyurtMånad sedan
  • I feel like I’m the only one who liked Jeff and Professor Slater’s relationship more than his relationships with Britta and Annie

    Jeshington The FirstJeshington The FirstMånad sedan
    • Slater didn’t get a second chance, actually it never appeared on the show after S1, it would have been interesting to see their relationship now that Jeff was a teacher.

      The Stardust ConspiracyThe Stardust ConspiracyMånad sedan
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    SilverShionSilverShionMånad sedan
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      Dhruv PathakDhruv PathakMånad sedan
    • _what does she mean by usually?_

      Stacker Phoenix19Stacker Phoenix19Månad sedan
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    GIGI CrispimGIGI CrispimMånad sedan
  • I just couldn't ever get over the age and maturity difference between Jeff and Annie

    Sofia RodriguesSofia RodriguesMånad sedan
    • By seasons 5/6 Annie’s probably more mature than Jeff

      Remi CantinRemi CantinMånad sedan
  • if only Annie was a little older... they have great chemistry but also an almost 20 year age gap

    Zoe ToeyZoe ToeyMånad sedan
    • 15-16 year age gap

      Ian [Archiver]Ian [Archiver]Månad sedan
    • @GNBE1006 age is a little more than just a number lol

      marcy amarcy aMånad sedan
    • So? It's just a number! She's not 14

      GNBE1006GNBE1006Månad sedan
  • Last time I was this early, there was still black mould in the stairways

    Sawyer KSawyer KMånad sedan

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    • Last time I was this early Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was still on Netflix

      romxxiiromxxiiMånad sedan

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    Aaron Burr Atwood.Aaron Burr Atwood.Månad sedan
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    Lumen 94Lumen 94Månad sedan
    • Here is the link of comment dvd: Here’s what Dan Harmon said regarding that goodbye kiss between Jeff and Annie: “A kiss goodbye is more than that, it’s true love. The love that we saw registered on the computer at the end of season 5, Jeff loves Annie.“ “And she is clearly in love with him.” “So they are kissing goodbye for now. And they do love each other very much.”.

      Adam R.L.Adam R.L.21 dag sedan
    • 1000%

      Snake EyesSnake EyesMånad sedan
  • How about Jeff and Frakie?

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    • Frankie is a lesbian.

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    Equilibrium GamingEquilibrium GamingMånad sedan
    • @Abdar Farooqi it's not all on the same video

      Misha KapadiaMisha Kapadia4 dagar sedan
    • 6 seasons and a movie!

      Elijah AndersonElijah Anderson11 dagar sedan
    • When you get that movie for us, I’ll give you 5 MeowMeowBeenz.

      Alexis Victoria CanchelaAlexis Victoria Canchela11 dagar sedan
    • But you posted the comment 2 weeks ago. How can it be 26 days?

      Abdar FarooqiAbdar Farooqi17 dagar sedan
    • #sixseasonsandamovie

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    • There are dozens of us!

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  • Jeff and Annie💕 they deserve to be together!

    Kaddel EditsKaddel EditsMånad sedan
    • @Victor Zimmermann Here’s what Dan Harmon said regarding that goodbye kiss between Jeff and Annie: "And it's different from a sexual kiss. It's different from kissing. It's different. A goodbye kiss is more than that. IT'S TRUE LOVE, the love we saw recorded on the computer at the end of season five . Jeff loves Annie. That's different from being compatible with Annie. That's different from understanding Annie. He loves her. With all his heart and all his groin and all his brain, he loves Annie. He is 16 years older than her. her life is just beginning . His life isn't over, but here he is in Greendale. So he has to kiss her goodbye. And SHE'S CLEARLY IN LOVE WITH HIM , but she's still looking for herself. I think it's going to be this two-dimensional type A personality in being a woman. Full control of her faculties and she gets it. She can make these decisions. You know, that's her young adulthood. And so THEY'RE SAYING GOODBY FOR NOW . And THEY DO LOVE EACH OTHER VERY MUCH . "

      Adam R.L.Adam R.L.24 dagar sedan
    • @Victor Zimmermann dan said in the dvd comments :"She is clearly in love of him. so they’re kissing goodbye for now. And they do love each other very much."

      Adam R.L.Adam R.L.Månad sedan
    • Pretty sure Annie is a friend of Ellen.

      Victor ZimmermannVictor ZimmermannMånad sedan
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