Annie And Troy Conduct An Investigation | Community

3 maj 2021
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Annie and Troy conduct an investigation to find out more about Chang.
#Changnesia #Community #PrivateInvestigator
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Community is an American comedy television series created by Dan Harmon that aired on NBC and Yahoo! Screen from September 17, 2009, to June 2, 2015. The series follows an ensemble cast of characters played by Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Ken Jeong, Chevy Chase, and Jim Rash at a community college in the fictional town of Greendale, Colorado.
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  • Make the full episodes available outside the USA. I'm in japan and it's blocked why?

    Trowa BartonTrowa Barton16 timmar sedan

    Anime GXAnime GXDag sedan
  • Complain all you want about season 4, but you can't deny they didn't try.

    I Slay GoblinsI Slay Goblins2 dagar sedan
  • Treeger from Friends!

    Joe VictorJoe Victor3 dagar sedan
  • I don’t remember any of this…at all

    Stephen SuStephen Su4 dagar sedan
    • Me neither!

      Janet BeatriceJanet Beatrice3 dagar sedan
  • Childish gambinos smile is the most infectious thing

    Jackson LarsenJackson Larsen4 dagar sedan
  • I like how Troy spikes the camera and smiles every time he contradicts Annie

  • I wish I had a bird and a cat and a hamster named Troy. Then a Guinea Pig named Annie Then a Dog named Jeff Then a rabbit named Shirley Then a fish named Pierce Then a chicken named Britta Then a snake named Abed Then a monkey named Annie’s Boobs

    B. WuB. Wu4 dagar sedan
  • Abed: You want it (Britta's footage) bad enough to rent me a crane and maybe license an expensive song? Jeff: Yeah. Whatever. Licensing of the song is a reference to Dan Harmon shelling down $35,000 from his own pocket for the song Gravity in season 3. Because they exhausted the music budget for the season within the first few episodes.

    Hoops FanHoops Fan4 dagar sedan
  • What episode is this?

    Henry PleskacHenry Pleskac4 dagar sedan
  • *Partner and Houlihan Conduct an Investigation

    Alex MillerAlex Miller4 dagar sedan
  • An-nie and Troy conduct an in-vestig-GATION!!!

    Ghastly GhandiGhastly Ghandi4 dagar sedan
  • "I was pretty relieved when it was a naked Asian guy instead of an angry trout" is an underrated line

    kalcheuskalcheus4 dagar sedan
    • Also I think it's fantastic how Abed keeps leveraging for more camera equipment

      kalcheuskalcheus4 dagar sedan
  • It smells like fart

    Merlijn BellMerlijn Bell4 dagar sedan
  • Hope everyone is bearing down for finals

    Benjamin ZhouBenjamin Zhou4 dagar sedan
    • Too soon man

      Abhigyaan RisheeAbhigyaan RisheeDag sedan
    • Nahh just fat dog it

      Kyan StanfordKyan Stanford4 dagar sedan
  • #sixseasonsandamovie

    Ahmed Selim CoşgunAhmed Selim Coşgun4 dagar sedan
  • Full Confession; I am a Shipper (Abed & Annie). That being said, once Annie figures out she is hot for Troy because of his looks and popularity, she goes on to realize the WORLD is hers. In this scene she takes Troy's annoying Oppositional Defiant Disorder bit and uses to her TOTAL advantage. Well played Chief Inspector Edison!

    carlos bajacarlos baja4 dagar sedan
  • For as much as season 4 gets a lot wrong, it still had pretty amazing moments.

    Takeo MTakeo M4 dagar sedan
  • Annie: "Clearly you have nothing to hide" Troy: (Slaps the pencil box off the table) WHAT ARE YOU HIDING !!!?

    Mddn KsknMddn Kskn4 dagar sedan
  • "this is the place No, it's not 🙄 🙄😆"

    Caíque MarlonCaíque Marlon4 dagar sedan
  • Annie is just awesome

    Rubeus PotterRubeus Potter4 dagar sedan
  • Alison looks so good in that lilac, jesus

    John DoeJohn Doe4 dagar sedan
  • Wait, who was filming Garret though?

    Pan DPan D4 dagar sedan
  • Is this the same guy who played captain McGintley on Brooklyn 99?

    Michael S. BaramMichael S. Baram4 dagar sedan
  • Man, even the weakest season in this show is much brilliant than so many other comedy shows.

    Akhil NairAkhil Nair4 dagar sedan
    • @Phase Myself idk if I'd put 1 or 3 at second. 2 is clearly the best but 1 and 3 are both so damn good I can't rank them against each other

      Vedant ShahVedant Shah3 dagar sedan
    • @Janet Beatrice Gas leak year

      PsyclopsPsyclops3 dagar sedan
    • What season is this from? I don't think I ever saw it. I have to add that season 4 doesn't count.

      Janet BeatriceJanet Beatrice3 dagar sedan
    • @LVKKIX yeah. 2>1>3>5>4>6

      Phase MyselfPhase Myself4 dagar sedan

      PsyclopsPsyclops4 dagar sedan
  • gas leak

    RoboBoomStickRoboBoomStick4 dagar sedan
  • I love Troy laughing at the "Trout World" comment.

    RodanguirusRodanguirus4 dagar sedan
    • I wanna go to Trout World.

      Neil PembertonNeil Pemberton2 dagar sedan
  • What did he use that crane and song for

    Lennie BrownLennie Brown4 dagar sedan
    • For the end of his documentary, they show it at the end of the episode

      Ana G.S.Ana G.S.4 dagar sedan
  • I really think this is best acting i saw from Donald Glover

    Faruk Buğra SevinçFaruk Buğra Sevinç4 dagar sedan
    • Nah, man, S1-S3 are full of better golden Troy scenes

      Pan DPan D4 dagar sedan

    Faruk Buğra SevinçFaruk Buğra Sevinç4 dagar sedan
  • Heed the battlecry, my brothers and sisters: 6 seasons *AND A MOVIE!!!*

    emanuel martinezemanuel martinez4 dagar sedan
    • "Damn you Donald, why can't you be a worse rapper?" -Dan Harmon

      PsyclopsPsyclops4 dagar sedan
  • just noticed that alison goes for a high five a moment too early 2:39

    TorpedexTorpedex4 dagar sedan
    • Good spot

      Ser DingleberrySer Dingleberry4 dagar sedan
  • Best video interrogation I’ve ever seen, very streets ahead. #sixseasonsandamovie

    Indiana JonesIndiana Jones4 dagar sedan
    • @Rodanguirus got a lot of fond memories of that dog

      Indiana JonesIndiana Jones4 dagar sedan
    • Glad we could get Indiana Jones commenting on a video about people being named after dogs.

      RodanguirusRodanguirus4 dagar sedan
  • This I think is a guy in a lotta things... like Friends

    Tom AtoTom Ato4 dagar sedan
  • Houlihan and Partner would be an amazing show!!!

    SogilSogil4 dagar sedan
  • What I got from this is that Troy had more pets than I ever will, all named Troy too

    Neel TalatiNeel Talati4 dagar sedan
  • Troy's oh my god was perfect

    Eki WillowEki Willow4 dagar sedan
    • 2:32 agreed

      Harry Van der MeerHarry Van der MeerDag sedan
  • "growing up I had a cat named troy, a bird named troy, and a hamster named troy, they were all older than me..." "oh my god"

    hugh jasshugh jass4 dagar sedan
    • hugh jass There are layers to the joke. Ahaha multiple interpretations makes it funnier 😂

      Annabelle MeloyAnnabelle Meloy4 dagar sedan
    • @Annabelle Meloy that makes a lot of sense too

      hugh jasshugh jass4 dagar sedan
    • pullzup I think it means Troy’s family named him after animals

      Annabelle MeloyAnnabelle Meloy4 dagar sedan
    • @hugh jass ohhhhhh, that’s good

      PapaTristanPapaTristan4 dagar sedan
    • i think that since kevin named himself after the trout dudes dog, maybe troy did the same thing and troy isnt troy's real name he just picked it up from the animals?

      hugh jasshugh jass4 dagar sedan
  • Annie's "something smells... wrong" line got a chuckle out of me

    Flashy TornFlashy Torn4 dagar sedan
    • Best line of the scene

      Pan DPan D4 dagar sedan
  • Treeger

    HenryHenry4 dagar sedan
  • This show had so many great guest stars in it.

    D WhitD Whit4 dagar sedan

    Young BuffoonYoung Buffoon4 dagar sedan
  • This interrogation is my go to since this episode. Works more than it should

    · Doza ·· Doza ·4 dagar sedan
  • season 4 was a trainwreck

    Sándor KatonaSándor Katona4 dagar sedan
    • You're wrong, but whatever!

      spammalinaspammalina4 dagar sedan
  • Day 39 of asking for a community movie. Opinions on season 4?

    Equilibrium GamingEquilibrium Gaming4 dagar sedan
    • For me season 4 was by far the worst of the show. Losing Dar Harmon for that season, and with him, most of the original producers and writing staff (like Chris McKenna and the Russo Brothers) was a huge blow to the series since it left the new staff with the almost impossible task of emulating the Dan Harmon formula, without its main ingredient: Dan Harmon himself. I'm not saying it was unwatchable or something like that but you could feel that something very important was missing. A single good scene from season 1,2, 3 or 5 earned more laughs from me than the entirety of season 4. Their biggest sin was the episode when Jeff finally met his father. It should have been one of the highest points in the entire series, but the end result was, according to Dan Harmon himself: "like being forced to watch your loved ones being sexually assaulted in front of you while you're chained to a pole".

      PsyclopsPsyclops4 dagar sedan
    • @K OS I can see that

      Indiana JonesIndiana Jones4 dagar sedan
    • @Indiana Jones seasons 2, 1, 3, 5, 6, and 4 for me. Despite having the whole cast, the writing really struggled without Dan Harmon. Season 4 felt so out of place, which makes sense.

      K OSK OS4 dagar sedan
    • I think season 4 is good, for me it goes 3, 2, 1, 4, 5, 6 But that’s just my opinion since 4 still had all of the main cast, even if Pierce didn’t get a lot of screen time

      Indiana JonesIndiana Jones4 dagar sedan
    • Awesome, but not the best

      Luiz BastosLuiz Bastos4 dagar sedan
  • Hi. Im the first to comment! Finally, my dreams came true.

    Arsenij Jusupov-NilsenArsenij Jusupov-Nilsen4 dagar sedan
    • We are gonna be more happy.

      FunStuffFunStuff4 dagar sedan
    • Congrats man!

      Exveniuz GamingExveniuz Gaming4 dagar sedan
    • Well done!

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