"You Say Bagel Wrong" | Community

12 apr 2021
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The group gives Britta a hard time for the way she pronounces, "Bagel."
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  • Is britta saying it weird or am I too foreign to understand

    Zaini AdnanZaini Adnan5 dagar sedan
  • When she says "New York" she means "Syracuse, New York."

    William PrestonWilliam Preston6 dagar sedan
  • Maybe if Atom Eve went on to college she would know how to pronounce bagel.

    Vincent FiestadaVincent Fiestada8 dagar sedan
  • “Strictly speaking Troy the Bible condemns this level of Friendship.” Gets me every time.

    Masked MaskMasked Mask22 dagar sedan
    • I'm not even sure why I'm surprised that Shirley is homophobic. She straight up says "and if it's a boy we need to find him for Jesus". Not sure what I expected

      I am not OKI am not OK20 timmar sedan
  • Bagel

    Elana SiegalElana Siegal23 dagar sedan
  • Love this episode

    Super BoySuper Boy23 dagar sedan
  • BAGels

    Chōji AkimichiChōji Akimichi23 dagar sedan
  • The way Dan has written Harmontown into almost everything, and that every character is part of him, is unreal. Dan is the one that can't say bagel right. It's hilarious... Also, he famously can't tell a joke. Glad he sticks to writing. =) Love that man!

    Michael HrabaMichael Hraba24 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Britta: bAgGlE

    Jeevan KhunkhunJeevan Khunkhun24 dagar sedan
  • 13

    Charlie PidotoCharlie Pidoto25 dagar sedan
  • I don't know if Dan was referencing his own joke, but on his podcast he pronounced bagel like that.. since the mannequin leg is his "thing" as well maybe the writers just really like making fun of him

    snefanssonsnefansson25 dagar sedan
  • Loving the uploads! Wondering why the quality is so low tho?

    Navoda PunchihewaNavoda Punchihewa25 dagar sedan
  • I've watched community three times now and this is the first time I've noticed Abed saying "Thirteen"

    Jildou op de HoekJildou op de Hoek25 dagar sedan
  • Was this the only episode Shirley's homophobia showed?

    Jonathan MeddyJonathan Meddy25 dagar sedan
    • absolutely not

      Simon KirschenbaumSimon Kirschenbaum14 dagar sedan
  • In just over a minute and a half, you get a decent summary of almost every character's personality from this season. Troy is the only one you don't get as much of

    Tyler PhillipsTyler Phillips25 dagar sedan
  • I never liked Shirley. Hardcore religious people r the worst.

    Tim SchmidtTim Schmidt25 dagar sedan
  • baggle lmao

    Misha KapadiaMisha Kapadia25 dagar sedan
  • Is this joke a reference to how Gillian Jacobs is the only person in the world to pronounce the name Gillian with a hard G? (which is fair enough given it's her name after-all)

    G GG G25 dagar sedan
  • I got ripped for saying that way about 20 years ago.

    KZBayKZBay25 dagar sedan
  • Project melody?

    Abyss’ #1 dadAbyss’ #1 dad25 dagar sedan
  • I see that Britta found the video per the one unlike on it.

    Orsus7Orsus725 dagar sedan
  • I love Pierce. He said “What the hell is wrong with you” with so much passion

    R520 J RR520 J R25 dagar sedan
  • And you all should now that bagels were created by Polish Jews living in Kraków (Cracow) 😀

    Mateusz PopławskiMateusz Popławski25 dagar sedan
  • please god let there be a movie

    Trevor GreenlyTrevor Greenly25 dagar sedan
  • "13" Oh. Oh my.

    The Gallifreyan ArchitectThe Gallifreyan Architect25 dagar sedan
  • Apparently my dad used to say bag-el too.

    The Glass PhantomThe Glass Phantom25 dagar sedan
  • Dan Harmon is making fun of himself in this scene. He often mispronounces certain words. So he thought it would be fun to make Britta mispronounce bagel. Its relatable, I suppose. 😂

    Hoops FanHoops Fan25 dagar sedan
  • This stupid bit is the end of Britta. She was a perfectly balance character up until this point then they turn her into something completely foolish after this.

    Maxwell RickMaxwell Rick25 dagar sedan
  • Britta: Can we just keep studying? We're on page 258. Pierce: I'm sorry, what padge was that? I DIED at that part

    Dhruv PathakDhruv Pathak25 dagar sedan
  • "Say it again" Britta: (purses lips) Baggle!

    R dug21R dug2125 dagar sedan
  • I don't care what anyone says... I still prefer season 1 Community as it had the best mix of grounded eps with escalating weird humor, and heart. Every season afterwards they kept ramping up the absurd humor, and I know people liked that, and I could take it to various degrees, but I felt it came at the cost of ruining some of my fave characters because of it.

    MedalionMedalion25 dagar sedan
  • How has this clip not already been uploaded to the channel? Also, I want a prequel of just Gillian Jacobs as Britta in New York

    Joe VictorJoe Victor25 dagar sedan
  • “13”

    Giordano LucentiGiordano Lucenti25 dagar sedan
  • "13"

    onE mEmbEr studioonE mEmbEr studio25 dagar sedan
  • Came here after the Projekt Melody video

    Lilac PilotLilac Pilot25 dagar sedan
  • I want a movie where Jeff and Britta end up together lol I have watched and rewatched the show for the past month on repeat, eventually focusing on relationship patterns (Annie/Jeff, Abed/Annie, Britta/Jeff). I understand that maybe up to the point the show ended Jeff might have finally accepted Annie as someone he loves, I am not fan of the age gap, but its understandable, their moments were sweet and unexpected. Jeff and Annie became better because of each other yes, but so they did with everyone. They are a community afterall. It was sweet but to me their relationship was a coming of age for both Jeff and Annie, she has a crush on him, or at least she is reacting to the way one would at 18/19 if you meet someone like Jeff who seems as a cool dude leader. And I mean, have you seen him? WOW HE HOT (with all due respect) As he says there might be sexual tension and chemistry (he has it with everyone) and it makes sense in a life situation, who hasnt question at some point if a friendship might mean more than something platonic. The cool thing is when even if you crossed the barrier, and it doesnt work out, you can cross the barrier back, still loving each other as friends, and can be cool, cool cool cool. Seeing them together was nice and all, it just seem purely platonic. At least from Jeff's side. I dont think he sees her as a sister, but as someone who he wants to protect. And someone who reminds him of being young (specially season 6) Towards season 6 Jeff is more mature in many ways, plus he has a beard, he has a somewhat stable life, and when Annie announces that she is going is a break of that part of his life that has been since s1. Now, it isnt until Abed announces his departure that you could see Jeffs balance shatter, because it is evident things are going to change for real. At that point he realizes that he loves Annie (or ay least doesnt see her as a child anymore) and does see her as somethibg more, but to portray his growth as a person he is not going to pursue he (as Jeff Winger would) instead letting her fly. The kiss was a closure statent of their matured selves, now she is ready to leave the nest and get that record full of adventures, same as Abed. Which is closing in a perfect circle as he was also seen by the group as someone who needed to be protected (not exactlyy but yall know what I mean). Now lets talk about why Abed and Annie, Jeff and Britta. As mentioned before I have been pucking up patterns and rewatching the show, Abed/Annie, he might be Chandler (i know he says he is Phoebe too but bare with me), she is not Phoebe, she is Mónica all over. There are many instances of flirty looks between them, the milestones they pass, theyre time as housemates, their kisses, the build up of their friendship/relationship, 'stolen looks', specially things Abed say, their dance at paintball. Lets talk about my favorite ship Britta and Jeff. First of all why would people day there is no chemistry? Their episodes are so meaningfull, through the series Britta is the one that is there with Jeff through his toughest (his dad, his narcissistic day, and days,) she is there to call him on his BS (specially when Dan Harmon was there s1-3 when she is strong, witty, smart, caring and the heart of the group while Jeff is the Brainz). Jeff is the one person she admits not being perfect, they see their true colors, know them and also see that as humans they are trying to better the quality of such colors. They do make each other better humans. The way they interact with each other is of someone who knows everything about the other person and still loves them. yes people we have to admit just like with the group there is true appreciation and love between these two. They banter all the time, they are always play full and to me that is something you do with a soulmate. I feel like we were played into thinking they were not endgame to surprise the audience, avoid cliché. Abed calls it first, saying that they prevent them to being friends, theyn in s5 he says to Annie that it wouldnt last more than 6 episodes. But but but despute this when he is in Abeds show in S4 when Jeff and Britta were presented there was an insinuation they were a couple (they were kissing). Moreover the group was obsessed with them, when discovering they where secretly doing it they put they blame of the years events on them. Its a pattern that return, so it feels like for the sale of the group they stay apart. It is true that they always pick on each other, and they act very guarded towards each other. Their bickering reminds me middle school picking on the kid you like because you dont know how to handle it. It makes sense s1 Jeff finds Britta attractive (I mean, have you seen her?) and wants to do her, so of course she puts her guard up, specially after the events of the first 2 episodes. She knows she only wants her for sex, but Jeff is seen having small moments in which you feel his affection for Britta grow. When she dates Vaughn he gets crushed after seeing her kiss him, even more after she tells him they septiembre together, it even seem like it was the first time that happened to Jeff. Now he starts being guarded, he doesn't want to get hurt, Jeff dates Slatter, and Britta finally accepts she has some affection for Jeff ( the way she reacted when he gives her the flowers.). To me their scenes are filled with sweet flirty, lovey glances. Even after they made Britta dirty there was always something there. If you watch s2 with the knowledge that they have been doing it, they seem pretty content, when seen together you can tell there is something relationshipy and sweet between them. After the group makes a big deal abou them Jeff says they have hooked up a couple of times, later seasons Britta says they dated (which Jeff denies), Jeff refered to Britta as his former lover to Duncan, when emails are leaked he admitts they did date (when we were dating), finally when they are tricking the grifter Britta refers to him as exboyfriend quite the egghunt there. Towards the end of the episode Britta reacts big to Jeff/Annie will they might they (that following the post I love you kiss). Jeff has admitted that he still has some desires towards her (the hand episode) and when she is being loved by her former anarchist friends, he admits that her being liked turns him on. Is this why there is such a big necessity to put her down? They both are in defense mechanism, I feel that they saw each other as more but were not going to admit it for everything that it would entail with the group, and with each other (it would give leverage, which could be wrongly used) I feel they are afraid of being hurt by each other again, and look like fools. That also explains why they couldnt give it a chance. Again many moments, secret inuendos, touching, hugs (you have to look for them , you you will find them). I would love to see a movie in which Jeff and Britta are together. Fast forward 5-6 years (maybe Jeff tried it with Annie for a bit and she got a bigger job out of state or country.) Maybe Britta and Jeff also gave each other a chance for a bigger bit. I would love to see a Mature S1 Britta, sassy, witty, passionate, someone who is a great psychologist and activist for womens rights in Guatemala or something) working for an american NPO. Some crazy community adventure in which the Annie Jeff will be teased but close as friendship, opening the Abed Annie ship. It would be cool to see her going back to Guatemala (or spanish speaking country), reading something, Jeff approaching, and her tryibg to avoid some 'stranger hitting on her' pretends to only speak spanish, to which Jeff responds something in the same language. Maybe him proposing, and having a surprise wedding ending with everyone, bringing it full circle. What we leave with. I know its too long I have no potatoes, but I do have hope, and the advice of rewatching it with some consideration of the points I attempted to make.. My personal opinion I understand if you dont agree, but hey anything is possible just roll the dice.

    anto parraanto parra25 dagar sedan
    • Thank you for the heads up i will work on better it!!

      anto parraanto parra25 dagar sedan
    • @Immy Wilkinson people have read and liked (: thank you for your advice i have to work on bettering it!!

      anto parraanto parra25 dagar sedan
    • Do you realise no one will read this I got bored like 5 lines in this is why to long if you want your opinion heard you may have it make it a bit shorter with a little less detail. Sorry if this come off as rude i didn't mean it it was just mean't to be some constructive criticism to help you get your opinion across because i am interested in what you have to say and others might be too but i get easily overwhelmed by big paragraphs and they stress me out.

      Immy WilkinsonImmy Wilkinson25 dagar sedan
  • One of the hashtag of this video is #newyorker

    peculiar dance 묘한 댄스peculiar dance 묘한 댄스25 dagar sedan
  • I forgot the "instead of Alzheimer's, Abed has.... someone who likes him" joke, damn it got me good.

    dk240996dk24099625 dagar sedan
    • These are the most clever and rewarding jokes in Community, where they leave out the punchline and you have to finish it in your head.. like the 'schadenfreude' joke with the foosball Germans where they don't mention that actual word, that one deserves an award on its own ..

      Geert BeerensGeert Beerens25 dagar sedan
  • #sixseasonsandamovie

    Alex FiliuțăAlex Filiuță25 dagar sedan
  • I lived in New York

    Daniel O'BeirneDaniel O'Beirne25 dagar sedan
  • Can anyone else hear the extra long drum fill at the end? Am I going mad?

    Tom FallonTom Fallon25 dagar sedan
  • Love how Abed was the only one who didn't laugh when Britta repeated her way of saying bagel. He of all people probably knows exactly how she feels.

    Raymond JiangRaymond Jiang25 dagar sedan
    • @Cameron Hodgetts He probably was a little bit at her pronunciation of bagel (which would be a natural reaction to have initially), but I think he was still sympathetic to her in terms of knowing what it's like to have other people mock or laugh at you for being weird.

      Raymond JiangRaymond Jiang24 dagar sedan
    • I think he was more confused than sympathetic.

      Cameron HodgettsCameron Hodgetts24 dagar sedan
    • @martiño Yes at that point he did go along with the others in making fun of her but she also had said she didn't care anymore how others reacted. I think they all purposely did it just to test her to see if she truly meant what she said.

      Raymond JiangRaymond Jiang25 dagar sedan
    • ...except for the end of this episode where he makes fun of how Britta pronounces baggle.

      martiñomartiño25 dagar sedan
    • True, I never noticed that he didn't make fun of her till now

      Leo MoonLeo Moon25 dagar sedan
  • Every second of Annie is so cute in this clip!

    Pan DPan D25 dagar sedan
  • I have a Jewish friend who pronounces it ‘bigel’.

    Lt. Bran WulframLt. Bran Wulfram25 dagar sedan
  • Rick Sanchez: Ok, now make them cry, but happy cry. Now make them all make fun of the blonde one. Now make them all do it on the table. I can’t believe you created a whole show for me. Now cancel it. Now put it back on. Alright I’m bored.

    SilverShionSilverShion25 dagar sedan
  • What the hell is wrong with you?

    gajgaj25 dagar sedan
  • "Just like The Notebook, except instead of Alzheimer's, Abed has... someone who likes him!" Zing!

    timeimptimeimp25 dagar sedan
  • I love the Rain man reference at 0:21

    Blakeb 1114Blakeb 111425 dagar sedan
    • @Giordano Lucenti Gotcha thx

      Blakeb 1114Blakeb 111425 dagar sedan
    • @Blakeb 1114 yeah, i know. I just added a line from the show that had Rain Man in it

      Giordano LucentiGiordano Lucenti25 dagar sedan
    • @Giordano Lucenti No look up toothpick scene in rainman that's what Abed was trying to do.

      Blakeb 1114Blakeb 111425 dagar sedan
    • “Yeah, subjects. Not Rain Man!”

      Giordano LucentiGiordano Lucenti25 dagar sedan
  • b a g e l

    unknowncoolnessunknowncoolness25 dagar sedan
  • The Rainman reference gets me every fucking time

    erik asraherik asrah25 dagar sedan
  • Shirley is the worst

    JBTVJBTV25 dagar sedan
    • @Dhruv Pathak You've just described the root of every problem with black America.

      C NorthC North14 dagar sedan
    • @elif nd She's prejudiced against other religions, she is homophobic, she is the most manipulative person in the group, she is unwilling to change, and she is flat out annoying. With the other characters, you see them grow into likeable people and those you can sympathize with. Shirley on the other hand, she is portrayed as a woman whose flaws shouldn't be considered flaws, and thus, doesn't have any redeeming moments within the show.

      Dhruv PathakDhruv Pathak25 dagar sedan
    • @Dhruv Pathak why is she worst because of religion obsession or something

      elif ndelif nd25 dagar sedan

      Dhruv PathakDhruv Pathak25 dagar sedan
    • I think Britta is the worst

      elif ndelif nd25 dagar sedan
  • Wait, Bagels, I thought Jeff didn't eat carbs.

    Henry PetersHenry Peters25 dagar sedan
  • "What the hell is wrong with you" is probably Pierce's best line-reading of the series

    kalcheuskalcheus25 dagar sedan
    • It's really excellent, although he's surprisingly subtle when he asks Britta "what pahge was that?"

      Patrick LickmanPatrick Lickman25 dagar sedan
  • Britta's the worst (Nah she's the best)

    Prashneet ManiPrashneet Mani25 dagar sedan
  • I still don’t hear the difference. Lol

    JWickyJrJWickyJr25 dagar sedan
  • I love the subtle “thirteen” Abed is rainman

    Bronx BluesBronx Blues25 dagar sedan
    • Or a baker.

      Name of the RoseName of the Rose25 dagar sedan
  • Oh man, Imagine if Britta was from Wisconsin and she said a Bag of Baggels

    1personiam1personiam25 dagar sedan
  • “So much for Baggels”

    Hames DeesonHames Deeson25 dagar sedan
  • Annie: I may have been thrown off by Britta's mispronunciation of the word 'bagel.' Chang: How do you say it. Britta: I don't. Chang: Come on. Britta: Bag-ul. Chang: Ugh. You're the worst.

    Matt WellsMatt Wells25 dagar sedan
    • @TheJoeyGuy yep

      Deep SharmaDeep Sharma22 dagar sedan
    • If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time Britta gets called the worst

      TheJoeyGuyTheJoeyGuy24 dagar sedan
    • Yeah. Community is so packed full of jokes and references, you really need to just watch the whole episode.

      RUBIZENRUBIZEN25 dagar sedan
    • Don’t you mean Baggle?

      Kw6sTheaterKw6sTheater25 dagar sedan
    • One of my fav Chang scenes

      Sawyer KSawyer K25 dagar sedan
  • Oh, Britta's in this?

    Nutty PariahNutty Pariah25 dagar sedan
  • “What the hell is wrong with you?” Said with such force really got me there

    flyrbyflyrby25 dagar sedan
  • “Baggles.”

    B. WuB. Wu25 dagar sedan
  • "Look, I lived in New York"

    FunStuffFunStuff25 dagar sedan
  • Best Sitcom

    Emiliano GomezEmiliano Gomez25 dagar sedan
  • Ugh....Britta’s the worst.

    AdamAdam25 dagar sedan
  • 13

    Katie TKatie T25 dagar sedan
  • Bag-el.

    Daniel DoanDaniel Doan25 dagar sedan
  • "13" one of my favorite lines in the show hahaha

    Mitch RuoppMitch Ruopp25 dagar sedan
    • @Sam Souyave-Murphy Merci

      Thomas DaleThomas Dale25 dagar sedan
    • @Yougottld Austin Merci

      Thomas DaleThomas Dale25 dagar sedan
    • Haha

      david mckeseydavid mckesey25 dagar sedan
    • @Thomas Dale It’s a Rain Man reference. It plays into Abed having Aspergers of some kind.

      Sam Souyave-MurphySam Souyave-Murphy25 dagar sedan
    • @Thomas Dale its a reference to the movie rain man

      Yougottld AustinYougottld Austin25 dagar sedan
  • The "i lived in new york" running gag is really underated

    hugh jasshugh jass25 dagar sedan
    • Its not underrated anymore, i see it everywhere.

      manas pachaurimanas pachauri23 dagar sedan
    • It really is 😂

      mondler&bechloe94mondler&bechloe9425 dagar sedan
  • jeez... britta

    waterseppv2 v3waterseppv2 v325 dagar sedan
  • I love how throughout the show they refuse to explain why Britta says it like that

    Mr. magalorMr. magalor25 dagar sedan
    • I used to know someone who had a similar issue with the word bag, pronounced it completely different subconsciously, this moment reminded me of that, I don't believe it has anything to do with birth location or selective hearing, more likely it's just some form of speech impediment but it makes me wonder, could be interesting to research

      Michael GorryMichael Gorry14 dagar sedan
    • If i didnt know englis at all, reading as a latino a will say the same way. So i could only gest that she learn from a latino that dosent speak english in new york.

      Harold BrionesHarold Briones19 dagar sedan
    • Because she lived in New York

      R520 J RR520 J R19 dagar sedan
    • She lived in New York, no need for them to get all upper east side about it

      AnoukAnouk19 dagar sedan
    • I’ve been told I say it like this too! Whenever I say it I here it like it’s normal pronunciation though. This episode has allowed me to know I’m not alone

      Anthony BAnthony B25 dagar sedan
  • "Shirley, i have no idea what you're talking about." #sixseasonsandamovie

    Juliet D.G. BelcouleurJuliet D.G. Belcouleur25 dagar sedan
  • Do people in New York actually say bagel like that?

    SipOfShandySipOfShandy25 dagar sedan
    • no, but people in Wisconsin do

      Simon KirschenbaumSimon Kirschenbaum14 dagar sedan
    • Yes

      Henry McClintockHenry McClintock25 dagar sedan
    • No, thats how Dan Harmon says bagel so its a joke at him haha

      Mitch RuoppMitch Ruopp25 dagar sedan
    • Trust me we don’t

      Mr. magalorMr. magalor25 dagar sedan
    • I dont think so lol

      Beast TitanBeast Titan25 dagar sedan
  • “Uh they’re called bagels” -Troy Barnes #sixseasonsandamovie

    Indiana JonesIndiana Jones25 dagar sedan
    • Don't eat the crab dip, yeah yeah!

      Jason KochJason Koch25 dagar sedan
  • but she lived in new york

    djsi Fdjsi F25 dagar sedan

    Faruk Buğra SevinçFaruk Buğra Sevinç25 dagar sedan
  • Day 31 of asking for a community movie. That’s a full months worth of videos and I will do it for every month of every year until we get this movie

    Equilibrium GamingEquilibrium Gaming25 dagar sedan
    • @Gang EST 5 and 6 had some funny stuff in, but even 4 had that, overall they were just depressing and almost all characters annoying as fuck. It made it so clear that they never had a good character development in plan except for maybe jeff. I always had the feeling that the show would have been better, if they stopped after 3 seasons.

      sonabTVsonabTV24 dagar sedan
    • nah, life will catch you earlier

      Paulo CAPaulo CA25 dagar sedan
    • @sonabTV season 5 and 6 was good 4 was bad tf are you on about?

      Gang ESTGang EST25 dagar sedan
    • I get the sixseasonsandamovie thing, but season 4-6 were really bad. So I think it's smart that they don't disappoint us even further.

      sonabTVsonabTV25 dagar sedan
    • Keep fighting the good fight!

      CherryCharrisCherryCharris25 dagar sedan
  • Baggel

    Nathanial DowtonNathanial Dowton25 dagar sedan
  • No one: Britta: BAHGULL

    Jacob GoldeeJacob Goldee25 dagar sedan
    • LOL TRUE

      Beast TitanBeast Titan25 dagar sedan
  • Bagel

    Jose TellezJose Tellez25 dagar sedan
  • Bagel

    Emily CookEmily Cook25 dagar sedan
  • Baggel

    Beast TitanBeast Titan25 dagar sedan