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7 apr 2021
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A documentary by Abed takes a dive into finding out what "Changnesia" is.
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Community is an American comedy television series created by Dan Harmon that aired on NBC and Yahoo! Screen from September 17, 2009, to June 2, 2015. The series follows an ensemble cast of characters played by Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Donald Glover, Ken Jeong, Chevy Chase, and Jim Rash at a community college in the fictional town of Greendale, Colorado.
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  • Who else has felt like jeff for the past year?

    Quentin SummersQuentin Summers14 timmar sedan
  • Say what you will about S4, I love the MacGuffin Neurological Institute.

    Arturo MillánArturo Millán7 dagar sedan
  • U’v been CHANG’D

  • When a community college tries to do university research 🤣🤣

    Nicholas UntunNicholas Untun13 dagar sedan
  • 'MacGuffin Neurological Institute'. Holy crap, even in the worst season the writing can be phenomenal.

    Liam ScarlettLiam Scarlett13 dagar sedan
  • people crap on seasons 4 but honestly some season 4 episodes were better than season 5 and 6 episodes

    FrosteaFrostea16 dagar sedan
  • This scene with the doctor frustrates me. I’m not sure why.

    mexiwolf009mexiwolf00916 dagar sedan
  • I just finished this show and I got kinda depressed because I love the show so much... I just wish that I could live in a fantasy with all of the characters in this show. Please help me get over this feeling I don’t know what it is called...

    Hiếu NguyễnHiếu Nguyễn26 dagar sedan
  • Stop saying #sixseasonsandamovie Its outdated Say #Andamovie instead

    Mickie RoertyMickie Roerty28 dagar sedan
  • i actually kind of like britta's theory lol

    Nils -Nils -28 dagar sedan
  • Troy and Abed in a movie

    Pedro RodríguezPedro Rodríguez28 dagar sedan
  • “Jeff back to one...Jeff?”

    CharlesCharles29 dagar sedan
  • Calling it now the community internet collective are going to be just as big as the office. Thanks Netflix

    emanuel martinezemanuel martinez29 dagar sedan
  • This man has a Doctrate

    David BreaultDavid Breault29 dagar sedan
  • When is the movie coming???

    TheZemagTheZemag29 dagar sedan

    TheZemagTheZemag29 dagar sedan
  • A psychiatrist in Greendale, that is something I can believe in

    onE mEmbEr studioonE mEmbEr studioMånad sedan
  • I just realised Steve Carrell is the doctor

    Elena GilbertElena GilbertMånad sedan
    • No?

      SizarixSizarix25 dagar sedan
  • Oof, have we really run out of episode clips to post that we've resorted to the gas leak year?

    Let's Play With K-Mac - Podcasts & GamingLet's Play With K-Mac - Podcasts & GamingMånad sedan
  • Senor Chang became Kevin...and the gang repeatedly ate at a restaurant called Senor Kevin's. Coincidence?!!! Maybe!

    RodanguirusRodanguirusMånad sedan
  • Imagine having Changnesia and being a never-nude at the same time.

    Rizandro NaponeRizandro NaponeMånad sedan
  • I burst out laughing when I realized the Psychiatrist was wearing a doctors coat in a chemistry lab.😂

    RJTheHeroRJTheHeroMånad sedan
  • They tried to delay it as much as possible, but here's finally a season 4 episode. Like Chang said about himself, can't ignore it forever.

    Arun VArun VMånad sedan
  • Gas leak content?

    IP FilmsIP FilmsMånad sedan
  • ''You Know He's something of a Spanish Genius Himself''.

    King Politoed Of The Arsenal FansKing Politoed Of The Arsenal FansMånad sedan
  • Uugh, stuff from the gas leak year? Seriously?!

    Huw ReesHuw ReesMånad sedan
  • The worst parts of Community are still pretty good when you compare them to a lot of other shows

    Joe VictorJoe VictorMånad sedan
  • Unpopular? opinion: I love most of this episode. I mean it has Jeff losing his mind, Troy and Annie as detectives and it's one of Abed's documentaries!!¡! It combines some of the best episodes

    Ana G.S.Ana G.S.Månad sedan
  • Community: Season 4, Episode 6 Advanced Documentary Filmmaking

    Ben RajanBen RajanMånad sedan
  • This is like one of three episodes I don't skip in season 4.

    yuh yuhyuh yuhMånad sedan
    • @Huw Rees no, this and the freaky friday episode were the beast of season 4

      Quentin SummersQuentin Summers14 timmar sedan
    • Lemme guess - Halloween & finale?

      Huw ReesHuw Rees20 dagar sedan
  • "What are you doin" "Making a documentary on Changnesia" "You got to be fucking kidding me" best conversation ever

    [_][_]Månad sedan
    • It's always great when Abed's enthusiasm comes up against Jeff's cynicism.

      Neil PembertonNeil Pemberton29 dagar sedan
  • Gillian looks fine af in those glasses lol

    Kyle WilliamsKyle WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Cool cool cool cool💨 cool cool cool.

    Michael S. BaramMichael S. BaramMånad sedan
  • She Britta'd a Changnesia theory. Incredible.

    Hoops FanHoops FanMånad sedan
    • Nah, according to the doctors logic chang could've just hit his head twice.

      Quentin SummersQuentin Summers14 timmar sedan
  • Season 4 dropped quality for community standards but it was still better than the best season of the big bang theory

    Lil SebastianLil SebastianMånad sedan
    • @Trevor Jonathan Can't tell if that's a joke, but I couldn't get through the first three episodes. The speed was entirely off along with the execution straight from episode one in my opinion. I skipped way in to their famous episodes like the pillow wars and paintball ones, but that was just for something to watch that was mildly entertaining. :/

      cloudustcloudust4 dagar sedan
    • that isn't a high bar

      xXXDumbWordStupidNumberXXxxXXDumbWordStupidNumberXXx6 dagar sedan
    • @TuBen probably the last one

      Der ChrisbertDer Chrisbert22 dagar sedan
    • @Lil Sebastian fucking hell

      TuBenTuBen22 dagar sedan
    • @TuBen is worst when you know that episode was written by 16 people and the best community episode was written by 1

      Lil SebastianLil Sebastian22 dagar sedan
  • The show was amazing from beginning to end. However I did like Sèñor Chain best when he was señor Chang.............. Perhaps the disgraced student phase should have been his last phase

    Mascãdá Del PántiònMascãdá Del PántiònMånad sedan
    • @Joe Inzinga I hear you

      Mascãdá Del PántiònMascãdá Del Pántiòn29 dagar sedan
    • @Mascãdá Del Pántiòn love 6, 5 is okay, 4 is tough for me to watch lol

      Joe InzingaJoe Inzinga29 dagar sedan
    • @Joe Inzinga wellllllll I like to go on record saying I love community from beginning to end

      Mascãdá Del PántiònMascãdá Del Pántiòn29 dagar sedan
    • His character is honestly brutal after season 3

      Joe InzingaJoe Inzinga29 dagar sedan
  • Season 4 wasnt as good as the other seasons but when community dropped its quality, its becomes the same level of ur usual sitcom

    Pabloscuz_Pabloscuz_Månad sedan
  • The changnesia theme is one of my fav of all community

    Alejandro Muñoz PazAlejandro Muñoz PazMånad sedan
    • Even though it came from Season 4.

      The J MachineThe J MachineMånad sedan
  • Oh, Britta's in this?

    Brandon RBrandon RMånad sedan
  • Señor Chang, El Tigre Chino, Benjamin Franklin Chang

    Dovelyn FigueredoDovelyn FigueredoMånad sedan

    4D Green Tea4D Green TeaMånad sedan
  • One of the best episodes of Community.

    Armaan MohsinArmaan MohsinMånad sedan
  • Britta's theory deserves more consideration!

    kalcheuskalcheusMånad sedan
    • @Henry Peters exposure therapy is highly contested in modern science. Its not universally applicable and often causes deeper trauma and memory blockage. Yes, sometimes it is successful, but traumatic memory and stress disorders vary person to person. There will never be a singular solution, and so much more flexible treatment is used nowadays. Exposure therapy (which, by the way, doesn't mean literally doing the same thing over again, you wouldn't hit someone with brain-damage caused amnesia in the head again. It means attempting to get the patient to relive the traumatic event through therapy, or sometimes by inducing psychosis or limiting consciousness) is rarely used in sexual assault and rape cases these days, for example, as it was found that while forcing the patient to relive it can help to recover memories, it can cause further, and more severe, trauma. Its very complicated. I have PTSD that has caused me some memory issues (I have few memories from before the incident, though I was fairly young so it hasn't caused anything as severe as amnesia or loss of identity) so that's where most of my perspective comes from. I have also run online groups with many veterans, and we found that PTSD varied so much that we took things on an individual basis. There was just no feasible way to support all of them together. The community was important, but so was individual support. That said, I personally am not medically trained, nor was the group for therapy, so most of this info comes from my doctors and research online.

      PlushiePlushie29 dagar sedan
    • Kedan is correct from the perspective that whatever caused Kevin to lose his memory would likely be the only thing that would cause him to get it back but it doesn't rule out the theory entirely as that is still plausible.

      Henry PetersHenry PetersMånad sedan
    • Dr. Kedan is correct, however, as established by The Flintstones.

      Professor HazardProfessor HazardMånad sedan
  • Season 4 was a drop in quality, but curse me if the drop in quality in this show isn't still some of the most clever shit I've ever seen on screen.

    Akhil NairAkhil NairMånad sedan
    • It was the year of the gas leak, but I won't use that an excuse.

      Doğa Can KılıçDoğa Can Kılıç4 dagar sedan
    • Yes, that's exactly why Community is so great. Even when they dropped quality, it was still pretty good, better than most shows will ever get to.

      miss soda canmiss soda canMånad sedan
    • Which is why I’m saying if S4 community was an imitation than it was the best imitation I’ve ever seen!

      Admiral Ramen NoodlesAdmiral Ramen NoodlesMånad sedan
  • “I have estimated that I am 15 years old, but there may be no way of knowing” #sixseasonsandamovie

    Indiana JonesIndiana JonesMånad sedan
    • #Andamovie

      Mickie RoertyMickie Roerty28 dagar sedan
    • Remarkable use of 'mier-roar'

      Dark KnightDark Knight29 dagar sedan
  • The Spanish genius had many faces 😌

    That KannadigaThat KannadigaMånad sedan
    • El Tigre Chino 🐯

      Jeseentha JJeseentha JMånad sedan
  • I wish I could get Changnesia and forget season 4

    lKingCarnagelKingCarnageMånad sedan
    • @paulo neves Last 4 episodes of season 6 are literally among the best episodes of the show, the hell are you going on about.

      CarCrashCarCrashMånad sedan
    • @paulo neves it's not

      ryan smithryan smithMånad sedan
    • Season 6 is worst

      paulo nevespaulo nevesMånad sedan
    • You're ok with making forced puns?? It might Chang your life

      Farhaaz PathanFarhaaz PathanMånad sedan
  • And now Kevin

    R GR GMånad sedan
  • by using a special shiny glass called a "mier-roar", I've estimated that I'm 15 years old.

    Solkels _ZSolkels _ZMånad sedan
  • I both love and hate this episode. I overall thought that the changnesia plot line was really weird, but at the same time this episode was really funny until the end of the episode. I overall just think that the plot line would have been much funnier if they would have ended it sooner. Because it went on for an entire season we didn't get chang to go all out with some crazy jokes and it just felt like we got a worse character for the entire season. I feel like this episode should have happened sooner, and then after this the episode reaches a climax and by the end the changnesia plot line would be dropped. If they would have done that I think I would have enjoyed these episodes more, and also just the entire season as a whole.

    East BoundEast BoundMånad sedan
    • Worst part is at the end they just went and resolved it with a conversation and the whole thing with Chang didn't go anywhere, they couldn't even comit to it

      Icy Cold HandsIcy Cold Hands23 dagar sedan
    • I think that it would have worked if they'd had the balls to stick to it, rather than revealing that it was all an elaborate ruse in the end tag (that made no sense either; no one could pretend they had Changesia that well). If they really had reinvented Chang as Kevin, I honestly think that it would have been the best use of the character since the first series.

      Flying Pen and PaperFlying Pen and Paper29 dagar sedan
    • It was one of the aspects of season 4 that showed the writers didn't know what they were doing. The study group and greendale are stupid but they are not idiots. It's hard to believe that Annie or Shirely wouldn't have been more skeptical of Chang especially considering their personalities and backgrounds. But in fairness, even Ken Jeong admitted that he was only properly utilized in season 1.

      Henry PetersHenry PetersMånad sedan
    • @mexiwolf009 It was evident he was growing tired of keeping it a secret

      curbiconcurbiconMånad sedan
    • Crazy to think I’m Season 5, that storyline was killed in a matter of seconds when Chang said he lied about it.

      mexiwolf009mexiwolf009Månad sedan
  • Told you it was controversial

    Big 🅖Big 🅖Månad sedan
  • This episode was kinda OK considering gasleak season

    kasra khatirkasra khatirMånad sedan
  • By looking at a special shiny glass called "Mirrror" I've estimated I am 15 years old.

    Faruk Buğra SevinçFaruk Buğra SevinçMånad sedan
  • Criminally underrated show

    Josh DudeJosh DudeMånad sedan
    • @sir hmmdebatable dan harmon is supposedly working on one, and everyone except chevy had said that they'd return for a film, so i think its a matter of when, not if.

      TrickwardTrickwardMånad sedan
    • @Trickward do you think a movie is coming. (#sixseasonsandamovie)

      sir hmmdebatablesir hmmdebatableMånad sedan
    • @khalid adam it didnt "just end," it's been ~6 years since then. but you're right, people did rediscover it during quarantine last year

      TrickwardTrickwardMånad sedan

    Faruk Buğra SevinçFaruk Buğra SevinçMånad sedan
  • Britta Perry *Basically a therapist*

    TheTardisDreamerTheTardisDreamerMånad sedan
  • Man Season 4 is really underrated or at the very least over hated.

    Out Of Control GamingOut Of Control GamingMånad sedan
    • @Poppers 73 I really really liked the last two they have some of the best episodes of community especially season 5. They just didn’t have the consistency of the first 3 season, those had great episode after great episode where season 5 and 6 and some awesome and really funny episodes from time to time but in between were still funny just not hilarious and just ok episodes.

      MissEmilyMissEmily12 dagar sedan
    • @Paul Wu I don't know. Last two seasons are pretty bad too.

      Poppers 73Poppers 7327 dagar sedan
    • Season 4 was definitely the worst. From a casual point of view it's entertaining, but the point of Community is that it's so much more than that. It's about homages, subverting expectations, being so ridiculously cliché to the point where it's obviously satirical. Season 4 just felt like there were no layers. Yes, it had its good moments but it just feels like there's no sublayer, Abed's monologues about television are just missing a little bit, and the plot is just a little too obvious. For example, when Kevin is just revealed to be Chang in literally the very first episode he's introduced - that's something that Dan Harmon would NEVER do, because that's exactly what the viewer expects. And that's to be expected, I think without Dan. Harmon talks about how Abed and Jeff are clearly reflections of his inner thoughts and what he wants to tell the viewer, and without him writing the episodes, the characters feel off since...well, they're not longer a manifestation of Harmon's thoughts but rather other writers who are trying to mimic it as well as they can. And respect where it's due, they did a pretty damn good job for what it's worth.

      Paul WuPaul WuMånad sedan
    • Yeah, even the worst season of community is still pretty decent

      Jeferson De Los SantosJeferson De Los SantosMånad sedan
  • My names kevin or they told me

    M18 GmcM18 GmcMånad sedan
  • First

    -indigo's palace-indigo's palaceMånad sedan